Mar 28

Bandar Lampung: South Gate Of Sumatra

bandar_lampungPerched in the hills overlooking the Bandar Lampung, Bandar Lampung is the capital of the province of Lampung well as the largest city in the southern province of Sumatra Island.

Bandar Lampung a hub and gateway to Sumatra from Java. As the fourth largest island of Sumatra, Bandar Lampung plays an important role in the development and economic activity on the island of Sumatra. Located about 165 miles northwest of Jakarta, Bandar Lampung is the starting point for a trip to the Way Kambas National Park, Bukit Barisan South of National Park, the remains of the eruption of Krakatoa, and other attractions that are found throughout the province of Lampung.

Refer to it as the gate Sumatra is no exaggeration. Bandar Lampung strategic position as close Bakauheni Ports and Airports Intenasional Raden Inten II in South Lampung, this makes it a good affordable central point by boat or plane.

From the south, Bandar Lampung is the first major city located on the highway called the Trans Sumatra provinces. This highway heading north and west of Sumatra, covering a total distance of about 2,200 miles. Overland journey through this path offers the enjoyment and experience of its own, because you will find some of the best scenery and impressive.

Bandar Lampung is a city which is the result of a merger of two separate cities, namely, Cape Coral which is a hilly area and Teluk Betung in Lampung Bay coast. In 1990, these two cities along the length of the area used as a unified city.

History records during the eruption of Mount Krakatau devastating 1883, Teluk Betung town destroyed. Mount Krakatau eruption claimed the lives of a total of 36,000, almost half of them are citizens of Teluk Betung. To remember this massive eruption, a monument built in the form of steel marine beacon Port Teluk Betung which slammed by tsunami waves caused by the eruption of Krakatoa. The monument is located at Veteran street, shows how the power of the eruption of Mount Krakatau has flung a half-ton steel can be blown away from the beach.

As a tourist destination, Bandar Lampung many offer impressive destinations, from the grandeur of nature, cultural heritage, through a variety of recreation. In Bandar Lampung, 20 miles south of downtown, visitors can enjoy a quiet beach and soft white sand at White Sands. Still in the Telok Betong, Earth Kedaton National Park offers a rustic atmosphere with a breeze and soothing sound of the river flow.

If you are looking to explore more about the history of the Museum of the Earth Lampung Ruwa Jurai store collections and historical heritage of the province of Lampung. In the village of Kampung Peace Ulok Ivory and there is traditional houses Lampung, complete with all the furniture, heirlooms, and other traditional accessories.