Jul 12

Become The Best Destinations In The World, Tasmania spirit to Manage Tourism

best tasmaniaLonely Planet travel sites have put Tasmania rated in 4th in the list of the best tourist destinations in the world that are worth visiting in 2015. This recognition makes the Tasmanian government eager to manage their tourism.

Not only tourists from abroad are being targeted marketing, but recently Tasmanian authorities also launched a marketing campaign valued at AUD $ 1 million. This policy as an effort to boost domestic tourists from other states in Australia.

Tasmania Tourism Authority took the travel company Flight Centre in cooperation contracts worth more than $ 1 million to market Tasmania as a tourist destination from other states.

Chief Minister Tasmania, Will Hodgman says he hopes this cooperation will boost the Tasmania’s reputation as a tourist destination area that must be visited. “This marketing partnership designed to increase the awards received Tasmania from famous travel sites in the world of The Lonely Planet that puts Tasmania at number 4 in the list of the best places in the world to visit in 2015,” he said recently.

“Airlines Jetstar reported this summer there are more passengers flying from and heading to Tasmania that had never happened before,”

This marketing targeted at major cities in other states such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. The marketing campaign includes a travel package offers four drive itself without the driver is equipped with a special guide for easy traveler from another state to get around yourself enjoy the beauty of the region in Tasmania.

Luke Martin from the Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania traveler claimed interstate is an important market. “Tasmania has always been a tourist destination that relies on tourists who usually spend their vacation for a week or two weeks in their car or hire a car and therefore that we must grasp market back.”

Martin said the agency welcomes this campaign following the current exchange rate of the Australian dollar was falling that could lead to the tourism industry in Tasmania is difficult to increase. “We are aware that Tasmania is on the rise and our citizens also having a good view of their current area, and we also know when the exchange rate of the Australian dollar is falling there are many Australians who choose traveled within the country rather than abroad,” he added.

“Such cooperation will be able to provide an attractive offer for a visit to Tasmania,” he said.

Tasmanian Government recorded in the last 12 months up to September 2014 there were approximately 1.06 million people who travel to their territory. Tasmania’s own target of 2020, the number of tourist visits will be increased to 1.5 million people.