Jun 27

Cairo Open The Museum of Torture Equipment

victim of tortureA torture museum featuring, 650 items from the dark period of human history was opened to the public on June 26 last and only one day. Located in the basement, the Museum of Torture Tool is a historian had Mohamed Abdel-Wahab.

The Museum is only open one day a year, precisely on June 26, not without reason. The Museum was opened to commemorate the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture was initiated by the United Nations (UN). Reported the Daily Mail, Saturday (06/27/2015).

Abdel-Wahab, the owner of the museum does have a special interest in the facts of torture are not many revealed to the public. And he said the public need to know if there is torture so painful in the history of modern human civilization.

“I want to expose anyone sadistic tormentors in the world. They have a nasty ways that may not be cured by the passage of time, “said the man who claimed to have set foot in the house of Saddam Hussein.

This museum is privately owned Abdel-Wahab, but in the future, he wants to change his personal collection into a museum permanent public. Thus, everyone can come to learn the dark history of torture and nothing else repeat. “Currently I’m looking for a piece of land to build the largest museum of instruments of torture in the world,” he said.

Abdel-Wahab owned museum is not the only museum of torture in the world. There is also a kind of museum of the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy.