Jul 30

Cappadocia, House of the Fairy in Turkey

house of elfThis holiday would not hurt for you to try to visit historical places, in addition to add insight and knowledge, but you can also find unique things you’ve never tasted. One of the beautiful and historic places you can visit in a country that is Cappadocia Turkey.

Cappadocia, which in Persian means “Land of Beautiful Horses” or “Land of Beautiful Horses”, which has a history of 3,000 years old. Cappadocia is one of the areas most often become the main destination for tourists in Turkey, in addition to the landscape like in a fairy tale but also formations hills, rocks and caves that looked uniquely resembles the moon and formed by natural processes over thousands of years. If you want to enjoy all the natural beauty of Cappadocia from the above, there are many offered to fly with Hot Air Balloon or blimp. You can see the wonderful natural landscape of Cappadocia with a background of sunrise and hundreds of colorful balloons floating in the blue sky. In addition to the colorful, large size air balloon basket and also vary with a capacity of between 6 to 24 people.

In addition one of the beauty contained in Cappadocia is in Kaymakli Underground Cities, towns or underground. You can also try to feel the sensation of staying in cave houses Cave House or made by digging the rocks into a dwelling. However, no complete course if you traveled but not yet visited Göreme Open-Air Museum, which is open nature museum that has a unique contour. This museum has the best collection of ancient caves once used as a church the Christians in the past. The walls inside the cave, there are many engravings and drawings made beautiful ornamental in the year 1000-1200, until now the church compound in this cave is called “Church 1000 years”.

For those of you who want to visit this Fairy Chimney State, there are some important things you should know, if you location of Istanbul, you can use a direct flight with Turkish Airlines, to Nevsehir, the city in Cappadocia. Long flight about 1 hour 15 minutes. But, If you want to enjoy the scenery, you can fly from Istanbul to Antalya and travel by overnight bus to Cappadocia around 10-11 hours. spring and summer, around the month of May to August is the best time to ride the hot air balloon. In addition, during the winter landscape of Cappadocia which is unique to be covered with snow and presents the stunning scenery.