Aug 25

Enjoy Historic Buildings while Staying at the University of Oxford

Oxford UniversityYou may have aspirations to study at the University of Oxford. Included as one of the oldest universities in the world, and the oldest in England, Oxford has scored a lot of world leaders through quality education that were presented. One of the world leaders who have been educated at university it was Ronald Reagan, former president of the United States

If the bench has not been able to get an education at Oxford, you can taste it first it feels to stay in the rooms of students who were there. At the time of the summer holidays, many Oxford students who returned to their homes.

Emptiness rooms were used by the university for rent for tourists who want to stay there. Keble College in Oxford rents more than 300 student rooms for tourists.

By staying in Oxford, tourists can enjoy the historic buildings of the university. Facility breakfast, which is included in the rental price, can be enjoyed in the dining hall Keble College. Room with 1 bed for rent at a price of 65 pounds per night.

For a room with 2 beds, the rent is 95 pounds per night. At that price, tourists can enjoy the view of the university park in the room, internet access, and a student bar.

dining hall

If you want to enjoy dinner in the dining hall, tourists can pay as little as 22 pounds. Domestic officer Keble College, Nick French, saying “We will always be happy to welcome visitors who wish to explore the historic surroundings of Oxford”.

During his stay in Oxford, tourists can enjoy a variety of areas of the university, such as the River Cherwell, Oxford University Museum of Natural History, and so forth.