Aug 27

Exploring Unique Restaurants in Russia

Twin StarsA restaurant that is arguably unique, because of the owners to the employees who worked twins. So everything in the restaurant’s brothers, except for the guests.

The owner of the restaurant which is located in Moscow, it promises guests a very memorable dining experience. Not because vodka drinks were very good, but because the presence of all the workers the same alias identical twins.

The restaurant’s name was Twin Stars. Its owner, Alexei Khodorovsky only employ a twin brother, as bartenders and waiters twins. The presence of twins, managed to attract the attention of visitors to eat at the restaurant Twin Stars.

Even the owner of the restaurant is very proud of, because the twin concept restaurant is the only one in the world. “I was inspired by the 1960 movie, in which a girl finds herself in a parallel universe and discover there is another version of itself and its twin,” said Alexei.

According to him, so far there is no problem with the concept of his twin restaurant. Precisely the visitors the restaurant looks happy, can enjoy the services of the twins. They look amazed at God’s creatures who become workers in the restaurant.

Twin Stars1

“We worked as a bartender before this summer, in a different company. It (the bartender) was the beginning of our work to become more professional,” said Artyem working with his identical twin brother named Roman.

“We really liked the job,” said Artyem which explains that the profession is very suitable for him and his brother.

Looking for people like Artyem and Roman is a challenge for the restaurant owners. Moreover, looking identical twins who have experience of working in a restaurant, it is very difficult to track down.

Nika one identical twin girls who also worked at the restaurant Twin Stars also admitted very pleased to be working in that place.

“One pair (twins) has fun. When there are two, it’s more than just fun,” said Nika who also works with its twin in twin Stars.