Aug 15

Family Vacation Destinations in Melbourne

Australia1Australia is one of the popular tourist destinations in countries around the world. No wonder tourists visiting this Kangaroo country is increasing from year to year.

Modernity, urban planning, and natural beauty offered by the continent that is the main attraction of tourists. As the most livable cities in the world and the second Metropolis in Australia, Melbourne became the most favorite places to visit people from all over the world.

Melbourne has educational facilities, entertainment, economy, investment and tourism are also very complete and comfortable, making this city one of the classic All in One City.

Behind the dynamic capital of the State of Victoria, there are spaces and places of interest to be enjoyed with family. The following 8 Fun Together Family Travel in Melbourne:

1. Driving around the City of Melbourne with trams and Shuttle Bus

City Circle Tram

Melbourne is a city with the largest tram networks in the world. There is no better way than using the familiar city of Melbourne City Circle Tram. With family, you can get around the city of Melbourne for free with this City Circle Tram.

In addition to their tour guide of the area traversed, you are free to take pictures and stop at the stop desired. In addition to the iconic tram, you can also enjoy the city of Melbourne to the Shuttle Bus provided free to the tourists.

Once completed around, you can stop at Flinders Station and Federation Square stopped by the (Fed Square). Booth, located street corner Swanston Street and Flinders Street, which is the heart and an icon of Melbourne. You are fond of taking pictures, can take a picture in the corner of Flinders and Swanston between the front of the cathedral. Almost every photo taken, the results are satisfactory and pretty to look at.

2. Together Family Picnic in Botanical Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens

Melbourne deserved called the garden city because everywhere there is always a garden. First impressions, tourists who come to Melbourne is a city that looks green. One of the parks that captivate and fits into a family picnic is the Royal Botanic Gardens. Royal Botanic Gardens vast reach 38 hectares, in the park there are more than 10,000 species of plants and a playground for children.

Opposite the Royal Botanics there is also a beautiful garden that is the Shrine of Remembrance, in which there is a memorial to appreciate the services of soldiers who died in World War 1. The building is very artistic, historical value, and a beautiful garden becomes a favorite place for tourists. Royal Botanic Gardens and the Shrine of Remembrance you can enjoy for free.

3. Recognize Arts, Culture and Museum in Melbourne

National Gallery of Victoria

Enjoy the atmosphere of urban, traffic and park already. Now, it’s time you visit the galleries and museums in the city of Melbourne. This visit will certainly add to your knowledge and your interest in the arts and culture.

As a city that upholds artwork, Melbourne has some beautiful galleries, complete, and arranged neatly, among them the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) that many stores various collections of paintings, photographs, carvings, jewelry, and images typical of Australia, there is also a collection of paintings by Aboriginal artists from the 19th century.

Australian Centre of Moving Image

Another gallery is the Australian Centre of the Moving Image (ACMI) and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Here, you will get a lot of knowledge as well as entertainment. Inside this building a lot of games and movies that can be played and watched.

You and your family like to read? Do not pass, Victoria State Library. The building that stands in the 1850s and was about 160 this year has remarkable collection of books, more than 2 million available in the Victoria State Library. In addition, the library also has a very beautiful interior design.

4. Enjoy the hallways Melbourne, Culinary, and Shopping.

Central Business Distric

Do not miss a visit to Melbourne for the hallways of the famous street in the bustling area of ​​Central Business Distric (CBD). In one block Laneway Arcade, you can taste the food which, although sold on the sidewalk, but the five-star menu variations. Visit also Attica, one of the 50 best restaurants in the world and get a unique menu like snow crab 12 flavors of the famous Chef Ben Shewry.

Want to see the old buildings in the city of Melbourne, but also want to shop? You can visit the famous Collins Street. On Collins Street, there are two areas that have characteristics of each. First, the New York area more modern. Here, you can find tall buildings, cafes and bars, as well as offices. Second, Paris End areas are arguably more ancient buildings occupied by the classic yet classy boutique-boutique.

Want to see what the market in Melbourne? Pay a visit to the Queen Victoria Market. The Queen Victoria market has a special attraction because of the diversity of goods and relatively low prices ranging from souvenirs, clothes, shoes, jewelry, to foodstuffs such as meat, vegetables, and fruits.

5. Watch Live Sports Community Favorites Australia

Flemington Racecourse

Melbourne city community very fond of sports. Invite your family to follow the excitement of the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground to watch the Australian Football League (AFL). The game itself lasts from March to September and the Grand Final held at the end of September. In July later in this stadium will also be held International match Champions Cup, which brings the team Real Madrid, AS Roma and Manchester City.

You are like the Grand Prix Formula 1 can drop into the existing track at Albert Park. Although GP Formula event has passed since the beginning of March was held yesterday, tourists can visit and enjoy the splendor of its trajectory. For those of you who have never seen a horse race in person can come to Flemington Racecourse. There, there is a horse racing carnival genuine glamor which took place in early November, there is the Emirates Melbourne Cup Event that has been aged 153 years.

6. Along the Yarra River Splitting the beauty of the City of Melbourne

Yarra river

Walk in Melbourne without down the road on the banks of the Yarra river it is not complete. A Famous area on the banks of the Yarra river is called Southbank, you can enjoy the performances of street artists in the city of Melbourne. Every evening there is also a fire performance are always awaited the tourists.

If you want to spend more, you can climb the City River Cruise down the Yarra River for 1 hour while enjoying a cup of hot coffee. Yarra river estuary, you enjoy the atmosphere of the streets of Docklands and the Harbour Front, where the boat is docked.

7. Closer to the typical Australian Animals

Healesville Sanctuary

Located in the hills of the Yarra Valley, Healesville Sanctuary offers an interesting experience to interact with the animals unique to Australia. More than 200 species of animals such as platypus, koalas, emus, Tasmanian devil (marsupials that looked like a stocky small dog) and wombats (short-legged marsupial) contained in the Healesville Sanctuary.

If it is talking animals, you should not miss the island filled with penguins, Phillip Island. Phillip Island, which is one of the largest homes to a colony of ‘Little Penguin’ in the world. At sunset, hundreds more Little Penguin will be gauged from coast to hole – a hole in the sand of their homes. Watching this parade was an extraordinary experience and can make your sons and daughters more loved animals.

8. Enjoy the scenery near the town of Melbourne Beach

St.Kilda Beach

Want to feel the pounding sand beach and the sound of the waves, you can visit the St. Kilda Beach. Beach St. Kilda is one of Melbourne’s iconic and is the most famous beach in the state of Victoria. You can perform a variety of water sports such as windsurfing, sailing, kite surfing, skating, beach volleyball, Jetski and water skiing. There is also pedestrian and bicycle path on this beach.

In the area there is the St. Kilda Beach Sunday Art Market, which sells a variety of souvenirs and typical Australian merchandise. If the baby you want to play, you can invite to the playground Luna Park. A variety of exciting games and attractions you can enjoy there.

Although the cost of living is quite expensive, as the modern city of Melbourne had many public facilities that can be used free of charge, among other things, water, internet access, transportation, postcards, and if you are lucky you can taste the free food sampling.