Sep 23

Fun Place To Visit During The Holidays In New York

Exciting places ranging from dining, Garden to art museums in New York City, United States. From eating in the East Village and walking on top of the Skywalk, the best thing you can do and you see in the city that never sleeps.

1. Red Rooster

Red Rooster

Uptown is the most visited places of the people and the center of this place is the dining/bar/club jazz courtesy of Chef Marcus Samuelsson who never deserted since its opening in 2010. You can come here to enjoy dishes with international influences ranging from ‘ jerk chicken ‘ to ‘ Swedish meatballs ‘ while enjoying the lively atmosphere. The employees of the restaurant and any place equipped with a charming interior design with a few dining tables located on the sidewalk. Here you did have to queue up. If heading here by using the subway probably takes a little longer, but all this will be pay when you get one of those experiences that you like from New York. At the same location there is also a jazz club at the bottom of the can bring back an old memory of Harlem with live music and cocktails.

308 Malcolm X Boulevard
Harlem, NY 10027
(212) 792-9001
Red Roster Harlem

2. Esienberg’s classic: one of the classic places to eat in New York

In this Restaurant you will taste the typical dishes of New York. Sandwich whole wheat bread stuffed with pastrami and corned beef meat and pickles. On it you can also add the chocolate egg cream even though there are no eggs, but it tastes sweet with chocolate syrup and seltzer. Very fresh and 100% original taste image of New York. In the morning you can come sit while drinking coffee and eating a piece of cheese sandwiches, eggs, and bacon. This is arguably unhealthy food, but I think it’s the right food to start the day!

174 5th Avenue
New York, NY and 10010
(212) 675-5096

3. Brooklyn Bridge Park: places that are green and have a nice view

The Park is in a design so beautiful and it is a new place in New York that became your favorite to walk around after enjoying a romantic dinner. This place you can enjoy along with family or friends. Among children surely would also like Jane’s Carousel a carousel from the 1920s. You can sit on the edge of the river or sitting on a park bench while seeing the sights of Manhattan across the river. Here there is also a wine bar and a few eating places that sell a variety of food ranging from lobster rolls and sandwiches.

328 Furman St Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 802-0603
Brooklyn Bridge Park

4. Juliana’s Pizza: Pizza with the taste of the old modern

Juliana's Pizza

If you are interested in Pizza, Juliana’s serves Pizza cooked using charcoal could become one of your favorite restaurants. Opened by a legend, Patsy Grimaldi, This New York Pizza have aged about 80 ‘s. Juliana’s could be your choice when wanting to feel the pizza with a crust of scorched can only be made by using a charcoal oven. You can choose the type of traditional ones such as with mozzarella cheese and tomato San Marzano or innovative types with shiitake mushroom and goat cheese. Dining options are indeed small, however this place can offer more than other pizza places.

19 Old Fulton St. New York, NY 11201
(718) 596-6700
Juliana’s Pizza

5. Mighty Quinn’s: the original BBQ Flavor in the East Village

Mighty Quinn’s

When you want to try the food other than that, can you can of where to eat in New York, you can go to the Mighty Quinn’s which is located right in the heart of New York City. It has places to eat food with a taste of authentic BBQ which conveniently brings a sensation like a ‘ flying ‘ you to Carolina or Texas. Cooking with traditional ways of using wood to make sense out of her flesh was so scrumptious. This place once visited by many people each week with a simple dining room and an attractive decoration. At the same price with the price for a dish like beef ribs, here you can order a lot of dishes to your friends or even for two people only.

103 2nd Ave New York, NY 10003
(212) 677-3733
Mighty Quinn’s BBQ

6. Grand Central Terminal: one of the world’s best train station

Grand Central Terminal

Welcome to the heart of Manhattan! You will feel like being in a hurry when entering this place and although met by millions of commuters every week, the station is actually more than just a train station only. Grand Central Terminal is one of the magnificent landmarks with its main room who has become an icon of the city of New York and its ceiling design. Here too there are many different types of foods to try, where the sale of drinks, where shopping, a market and also one of the largest Apple store in the world. After you’d made a magnificent architecture with AWE, if you feel hungry and thirsty, you can visit the Grand Central Oyster Bar it is located not too far away and has a varied menu of seafood, martini drinks mixed properly, and of course many kinds of oysters ready before eaten.

87 E 42nd St
Manhattan, NY 10017
Grand Central Terminal

7. The PS1 MoMA: enjoy the arts in Queens

The PS1 MoMA

If you like Museums, you can visit the PS1 in Queens. This Modern Museum occupies the building that was formerly used for the schools, featuring works of art from international artists. The Museum is arguably the youngest brother of MoMA. I suggest that you have more time, so you can enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants in the museum named M. Wells Dinette. You can bring people who visit enjoy the show when the summer, such as Warm Up the moving atmosphere of clubs and DJS to the outdoors.

22-25 Jackson Ave Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 784-2084

8. The Highline: the feel of walking on top of it all

The Highline

This amazing public park, which runs from the Meatpacking District up to the 30th Street, has changed the way people interact with New York City. This Park because it is the path trains that had already been restored to enjoy the buildings architecture and streets of New York City through different angles. It took a few visits to enjoy the garden with a charming design that has many types of plants, beautiful, ever-changing following the changing of the seasons. See the city from a different angle is indeed one of the charms of this place. Tips to avoid the crowds is to go early in the morning or at night to enjoy the silence of the night in New York City.

519 West 23rd Street
New York, 10011
(212) 206-9922
The Highline

9. Museum of Natural History: whales, bears, and the solar system

Museum of Natural History

There are always just fun and interesting things that can be seen from the exhibition at the museum that consists of 27 buildings and 45 of this exhibition space. But that is a lot of interest of the people of New York to back visiting this museum is an experience to be had. Starting from jumbo whales hung on the ceiling in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life up to the diorama that can let you know about the natural habitats of North America. This place is highly preferred by all ages. If you want to travel to other solar system you can visit the Hayden Planetarium featuring star performances in the theater.

Central Park West New York, NY 10024
(212) 769-5100

10. Roosevelt Island that can be reached by cable car

Roosevelt Island

Nothing can beat a trip to Roosevelt Island with the use of the cable cars. With the same ticket price with a subway ticket, you can fly over Manhattan to get amazing views of the city or view apartments in New York when passing through the East River. Joy doesn’t just stop when out of the cable. You can visit the newest monument in the city, the monument to the Franklin d. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, which offers a beautiful view of the other. From here, the city of Manhattan looks so close so it feels like it could reach the United Nations building!

2nd Ave & E 60th St
NYC Trams