Aug 06

Greek Selling The island, And Enjoy The Beauty of The Island Exclusively

Almost everyone has a dream to have a private island, especially the island located on the Greek mainland with captivating natural beauty. Your dream can be realized because Greece is now selling some of its islands to bailout funds amid the financial crisis that hit Greece this past.

Only 10 percent of the island in Greece which is private property, but now you can have the other islands and enjoy the beauty of the island exclusively. Launch of the Daily Mail, Friday (07/24/2015), as many as 20 islands have been sold and there are still some islands else will follow.

Knight Frank as real estate agents in the UK, said islands Greek island gets good attention of investors so that when opened online sales, many were interested in having the island. If you are interested, here are a few islands in Greece that could be yours, with an attractive bid price and can be enjoyed as a vacation spot or a private residence.

1. The Peninsula Linhari

The Peninsula Linhari

This spectacular island is located in the resort area of ​​Korinth which offers the beauty of the peninsula with a wide beach and stunning sea views. There are 650 olive groves cover a wide range of resorts and a playground with water and cool air. The price offered was down by half, you can have this beautiful island with regular Rp 50 Billion.

2. Gaia Island

Gaia Island

Gaia island that has the beauty of a dream everyone can now have. This exotic island could be the perfect vacation spot for you who have budged much. Gaia is equipped with a quiet beauty of clear water in the Ionian Sea. This area is very popular as a place to sail, fishing, deep-sea diving and swimming. For those of you who like water sports is apt to vacation on the island. Gaia has an area of ​​43 acres with six villas to be built on it and permission to divide into six plots if you want to share the island with another island enthusiasts. This beautiful island is part of Echinades, which is one of the Ionian islands. Gaia is the island prices reached Rp65 billion.

3. Kato Antikeri

Kato Antikeri

Located in the northwest of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, Kato Antikeri is an island with an area of ​​272 acres that could be used for commercial purposes, private and investment. The island also has to get permission to set up resorts and other facilities. In addition the island is located just a few minutes away from public facilities such as hospitals, docks, and the monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa cliffs. Currently Kato island has two ports, two old houses – one on the beach and one on higher ground and an ancient church. The island also offers two wells, electricity, solar energy systems, and telephone lines. Price of this island can be discussed with the Greek government.