Mar 15

Japan Offer Travelling Cat for Cat Lovers

cat islandWhen we visit a place for traveling, usually our main goal is sightseeing, business, shopping, culinary, or learn the culture of local communities. Japan is a destination that is able to provide the pleasure of complete and perfect.

Japan even able to provide a more unique travel moments again. This moment is the best moment, especially for cat lovers. Yes, this city is the right destination if you want a vacation while enjoying entertainment with furry animals that have spoiled. This is where you can add a major holiday destination with a “play with iconic animals”.

Cats are one of the Japanese domestic pets. This was proven by many are the things smelled of cat available in Japanese. You certainly remember the Hello Kitty cartoon cat icon that was created by the Japanese. There is also Doraemon, the robot cat legendary. Not to mention the Tama, a cat who lined up to be an icon and captain of the guard rail station in Kinokawa – Wakayama prefecture. Visit the station to see Tama-chan maintain railway station complete with hat.

Japan very fond of cats. However, with limited land, the human population continues to increase plus a very long working time, the average Japanese population chooses to live in apartments and condominiums. The property regulations often forbid residents to raise animals. Meanwhile, the need to interact with cute animals, such as cats, the higher since proven to reduce stress prolonged.

This condition then led to the birth cat cafes in Japan. The first cafe was opened in 2005 under the name Niko No Mise. In a time frame of 10 years, its popularity rose with the number of cat cafes increased to 79 units. This year, it seems there are already hundreds of cafes cats in Japan.

The concept of this cafe is very interesting. Services are provided primarily not eating and drinking, but when playing with cats. During their stay in the cafe, we can play with the cats, feeding them appropriate provided the café, reading manga, as well as enjoy a drink.

Related cleanliness, cafe cat in Japan is very clean with a cat who is very well maintained. The average cat cafe has strict rules. Guests must leave items in lockers, removing footwear, and then use the tag names that contain the time entry. Before interacting with the cat, guests should wash their hands with a special cleaning fluid. Guests are also forbidden to wake the sleeping cat or cats that avoid forced to play with them. To avoid the harsh treatment of cats.

Rates cafe is usually calculated per hour. It costs around 1,000 yen per hour (normal day). Cat cafe operating hours in Japan on average at 10 am until 10 pm. The most crowded time is hours after work and at weekends. Some of the most popular cat cafes in Japan are:

– Calico Cat Cafe – Shinjuku, Tokyo
– Nekorobi Cat Cafe – Ikebukuro, Tokyo
– Kyariko Cat Cafe – Shinjuku, Tokyo

Cat Island Meets Japan

When the Japanese city filled with cafes cats, then another with his island. Recorded about 11 islands in Japan gained the nickname because of the large cats, Cat Island inhabit the island. Some of them even have a cat population, which beat the human population.

These islands have an interesting tourist area, especially accommodation and adequate infrastructure. However, the cat became an attraction that is able to bring in tourists from various countries to the island. The following two islands are the island’s most popular Japanese cat is even very popular to the international world.

Tashirojima Island – Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture

This island was once the silk-producing center. This four-legged animal brought to the island to eradicate the pest silk (worms and mice). Currently the only inhabited island Tashirojima 100 human population, and the rest are hundreds of cats. Cats on the island is deemed to bring good luck. This is intensified so when the tsunami struck the island in 2011 and then. A richer 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck the island, destroying the building. The residents all survived because they follow the cat is able to read the signals of danger and ran to the area of ​​higher and safer.

Aoshima Island – Ehime, Miyazaki prefecture

Aoshima inhabited 120 cats were only accompanied by 20 people aged dusk. Once the cat brought in the island to repel rodents that often damage fishing boats. The absence of the presence of dogs make the cat more tranquil life on the island of Aoshima.