Mar 21

Kaminoko Ike, a Beautiful Lake In Japan

Kaminoko IkeIf you have a planned vacation to Japan, you must visit to Hokkaido, where there is one of the tourist attractions in the form of a very beautiful Lake. The Kaminoko Ike or the pool, children of gods is a small lake that became one of the Prime attractions of Hokkaido. This beautiful place is located in the Kiyosato-cho, near Ura Mashu (Lake Mashu).

The vast lake is just 220 meters, while its depth no more than 5 meters. But the water is very clear, so a dead tree trunk at its base can be seen clearly. Uniquely, the water temperature Kaminoko Ike that is constant throughout the year, that is 8 degrees Celsius makes tree trunks that fell to the floor does not rot. The trees seem petrified and looks like new tumbles.

Reported by the Japan Info, water Kaminoko Ike the clear, bright blue comes from the melting ice that drift and fill the Ura Mashu during the winter.

Kaminoko_ike lake

The color of the water of the Lake will fluctuate with the seasons. Sometimes Kaminoko Ike looks like a shallow pool of pale blue. At times he appeared with beautiful colors, like a green emerald. So visit this pool will always bring new experience for tourists.

Kaminoko Ike is surrounded by the green hills of the picturesque enough to be climbed. In addition, Kaminoko Ike is also home to the Red fish trout.

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