Mar 24

Kayangan, The Most Clear Green Lake in Southeast Asia

kayangan lakePhilippines has become the pride of the lake, the Lake is called Kayangan. You will be enchanted by the beauty of the Lake of Kayangan when visited it. The Lake is being looks beautiful, because it has water look like a crystal green jewel. No wonder if the Lake is said to be one of the most clear in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Kayangan Lake is located on the island of Coron, Palawan, Calamian Islands. Reported by Ilink, Kayangan is one of the 8 existing Lake in Coron. There are only 2 lakes are opened to the public.

The lake itself includes the main tourist attractions on the island of Coron. Kayangan Lake surrounded by towering cliffs that overgrown trees. Around the Lake there are also lush mangrove forests. Overall the area is preserved by the inhabitants of the Tagbanua tribe who lived there.

Kayangan lake1

Kayangan Lake this Lake has crystal clear water a pretty greenish-colored. The depth of the Lake reaches 10 meters. While the bottom filled with rocks and small fishes. In the morning when the Sun is shining brightly, the bottom of the Lake can be seen clearly.

Ordinary tourists are swimming, diving, or snorkeling in Lake Kayangan. Not a few are choosing to enjoy the scenery by climbing a cliff. There are concrete steps that can be accessed by tourists to reach the top of the cliff.