Mar 30

Kuta Beach: From A Village Become World Tourism Destination

kuta_bali_beachOriginality Kuta is just a quiet village with beautiful waves far from the buzz of the crowd. But now Kuta has become the destination of foreign tourists are very popular in the world. Visited by tourists who want to enjoy the nautical tourism.

This is where you can swim, surf, or sunbathe on the beautiful beaches. Tourists come dressed in casual wear shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops for a walk around Kuta. They shop or restaurant culinary tour open to the sky open. While in Kuta then you will find people here really in the holiday atmosphere.

In the 1960s, initially the only hotel in Kuta was Kuta Beach Hotel, then no tourism planning Kuta is now fast becoming a prey of surfers and backpackers from all over the world. If you liked the atmosphere is calmer then can choose Sanur Village on the opposite side of the peninsula.

Kuta has grown into a tourist resort with full facilities. You will find many shops, restaurants, hotels and pubs. Everything ranging from the simple to the exclusive and mushroomed along the main road from Kuta to Legian.

In Kuta Beach you can enjoy parasailing, banana boat or traditional massage on the beach of the local community or anyone her hair. In addition, the attractions to do in Kuta Bali is Bungee Jumping and Slingshot. Shortly before sunset, do not miss coming to the beach to enjoy the beautiful sunset at Kuta beach legendary. When the clouds darkening the nightlife of Kuta begins with the beat of the music from the bars and restaurants, and shops are open until late at night. There have been many bands and world famous celebrities volunteered to sing enliven the atmosphere in Kuta.

October 2002 in Kuta bomb shocks have occurred precisely at Paddy’s cafĂ©, then here Ground Zero monument was built to commemorate the tragedy that left more than 300 people were killed where most of the Australian and Indonesian workers.


Ground Zero Monument