Jun 10

MERS Increasingly Extensive in South Korea, 20,000 Tourists Canceled

MERS virusThe Seoul City Tourism Board has canceled 20 thousand foreign tourists visit the city. Cancellation is done to anticipate the spread of plague mers in South Korea.

In addition, the Seoul City Board of Education also closed while the 126 kindergarten and elementary school in the district of Gangnam and Seocho district in the southern city of Seoul. Until Monday (8/6), there were 1,300 schools have been temporarily closed in South Korea due to the spread of the outbreak affected Mers.

Samsung Medical Center in Seoul has confirmed there were 890 patients and medical staff have been infected MERS.

Hospital President Song Jae-Hoon said, those infected will be quarantined. “We immediately take the necessary quarantine and action against 893 people,” he said.

Earlier, Mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon, have warned of the potential spread of Mers of Samsung Medical Centre. In one day, one of the largest hospitals in South Korea was visited 8,000 patients. “We are concerned that there might Mers outbreak spread of the hospital to the local community,” he said.