Aug 13

Most Extreme Water Slides In The World

Not many good things resulting from the convergence of water and gravity. Who wants to slip a puddle on the floor of an office lobby or trapped when the rain would go on a date?

However, a different story water slide. Not only children, our aged adults were happy with this attraction and come in line to ride at a water park. By combining water and gravity, engineers from around the world competing to display various tricks, creative and create the most thrilling water slides for the sake of our pleasure.

Quoted by the Huffington Post, the following six most extreme water slides from around the world.

1. Scorpion’s Tail, Noah’s Ark Water Park, Wisconsin

Scorpion's Tail

Scorpion’s Tail won the best water slides in the US, as a nearly vertical water slide in the world. 10 floors high, and when the door opens under your feet, you will fall from a height of 121 meters in speed of 15 meters per second.

2. Summit Plummer, Disney World, Florida

Summit Plummer

Carved into the mountainside Gushmore, Blizzard Beach, Summit Plummet is ready to launch you from a height of 36 meters from the cliff.

3. Verrückt, Schlitterbahn, Kansas

 verrückt, Schlitterbahn

From a height of 51 meters, verrückt crowned the world’s tallest water slide. Once dropped, you will be gliding up as high as five floors before sliding down again.

4. Insano, Beach Park, Brazil


Skate as high as 41 meters down from the height of your launch 14 floors in less than 5 seconds.

5. The Leapt Of Faith, Atlantis Resort

The leapt Of Faith

Not a height of 18 meters from a Mayan temple that makes you nervous, but the pool of live sharks waiting below.

6. Sceirah Jumeirah, Dubai

Jumeirah Sceirah

The water park reopened launched a visitor from a height of almost 121 meters, and they can glide in tandem with a friend.