Jul 19

Mud Festival in South Korea

Enjoy a summer holiday in South Korea was more impressive if it goes to Boryeong, a small town in Chungcheong Province, two hours by road from the city of Seoul. Each year the event was held in the city of the Boryeong Mud Festival.

mud FestivalEvery summer holiday in South Korea, precisely June to August, I tried to go to the beach. In South Korea, the beach and the sea is very luxurious. Therefore, not much of a beach and Sea here. Even if there is, I have to go to the City of Busan or Jeju Island. For the last three years, I have always spent my summer vacation with a visit to Boryeong.

The small town has a population of approximately 110 thousand inhabitants within less than two hours drive from the city of Seoul by bus or train it always held a mud party, namely The Boryeong Mud Festival. The festival, held since 1998 it has been able to suck more than 2 million tourists, both local and foreign. Because of that festival, Boryeong City became very famous and crowded during the summer.

Boryeong Mud Festival’s history began in 1996. At that time, a variety of beauty products produced in South Korea came from the city mud. Boryeong mud is believed to contain a lot of minerals such as bentonit and naturally germanium. To introduce and promote cosmetic products, starting in 1998 was held Boryeong festival.

A party held at the Boryeong mud around Daecheon Beach. Beach with white sand that extends more than 2 kilometers it will be packed full of people and tourists, whether they want to simply sunbathe or play water and sand. Mud is connoted as dirty and useless stuff transformed into things that could be sold, particularly for local tourism.

It has been six years I lived in South Korea and was always amazed how this country to package and promote tourism. Not just infrastructure improvement. Most tours in Korea today is experiential tourism. That is, tourists not only visit tourist attractions, but also can participate in some tourist activities directly, for example, create their own souvenir to take home to his country later.

This year the Boryeong Mud Festival entered the age of 18 years. Local governments and residents Boryeong if preparing to welcome the annual event, which will take place in July. It was seen in some promotion on the festival website as well as posters and flyers were distributed in social media.

Many activities are held at the festival. E.g. swimming in mud, sliding with the board in the mud, playing mud in prison, with colorful body painting mud, as well as the most exciting and awaited most people are wrestling in the mud. For photography lovers, the event is also very interesting. Therefore, they can take a very unique object that only happens once a year.

The first place I usually visit is the location of body painting. Organizers have prepared some mud bucket filled with a variety of different colors. Then, with a brush, volunteers and Korean artists will color the visitor’s body began to hair, face, until the body with different designs. Generally, they make a cute design, tailored to the wishes of visitors.

The drawing process briefly. Approximately only 5-10 minutes per person. After that, visitors are asked sunbathing so that the picture becomes dry. I myself really enjoying the show body painting. Therefore, in addition to seeing the creativity of Korean artist, I can enjoy the beauty of the colorful mud on the body of visitors.

After complete body painting, I usually go to jail mud. Most visitors will be in a prison-made. Then, visitors or other friends will flush those behind bars with mud. There is a preoccupation everybody drenched with mud. We can yell as much and as if to get out of prison.

Another thing that is not less exciting is the shared bathroom in a pool of mud. The visitors can play around in the mud pond. They can flush the sludge to a friend or just feel a little different with a swim in the pool. Jokes and laughter always sound when they slip or fall in the pool and could not stand up anymore.

Sliding board in a pool of mud is also very exciting. The committee not only makes the sled straight. They also prepared sled winding and a length of approximately 4-5 meters. After sliding, the visitors will fall into a pool of mud. Sometimes the committee also makes a match, who quickly get to the bottom and that win will receive prizes.

The most interesting and always anticipated visitors is wrestling in the mud. Unlike the real wrestling, wrestling it is more fun. The participants were asked to make a group of five or six people with guided the master of ceremonies (MC). If the group cannot, they will be punished and splashed with mud by the other participants. Atmosphere to get a group that is highly anticipated. Therefore, many people will collide because of slippery mud in the area.

Having tired of playing in the mud, visitors can attend musical performances are held at Daecheon Beach. Several Korean singers and music groups as well as foreigners will be ready to entertain the audience. Not only invites the audience to sing, they dance together. Thousands of spectators will be around the stage and soaked with water from the pump-pump sprayers around the stage.

Although it is very fun and safe, we must remain vigilant and cautious as there remains a risk. Around the coast slippery conditions because of the mud. You do not have to worry about communication barriers. Therefore, a lot of volunteer translators who will help if you are experiencing communication difficulties.