Oct 08

Nanjing Green Tower, Forest Tower in the Middle of the City

China made two towers named Nanjing Green Tower, an artificial forest that stands on top of the city with 1,000 trees planted.

Nanjing Green Tower

After successfully presenting the highest glass bridge in the world, China again presents another unique building that can suck the attention of tourists. This building is two towers that transformed into a city forest.

Reported by Travel And Leisure, this forest is made vertically as high as more than 200 meters. Named Nanjing Green Tower, this artificial forest stands above the city and successfully grows more than 1,000 trees and 2,500 other small plants.

In addition to being a tourist attraction, the urban forest is also functioned as a city decorator that works against air pollution that can cause various health problems. With an area of ​​6000 square meters, the city forest is also expected to absorb 25 tons of carbon dioxide annually and produce 60 kilograms of oxygen every day.

Interestingly, not just a building wrapped with green plants, city forest designed by renowned architect, Stefano Boeri will also be equipped with museums, green architecture school, and rooftop private club. While right at the bottom, will be filled with a variety of shops, culinary centers, restaurants, meeting rooms up to the multipurpose hall. The city forest will be completed by 2018.