Aug 23

New round Suez Canal

Suez CanalReopened in 1975 after being closed due to the war between Egypt and Israel, the Suez Canal in August 2014 ago launched an ambitious mission to build a new canal along the 22 miles, which allows shipping can be done in two directions. In 2015, the aspiration is completed, and the Suez Canal can now be used for shipping both ways.

Employs more than 43,000 people, a New Suez Canal project to be completed within one year, passed the target that has been planned is three years. The project is managed dredge 242 cubic meters of soil, to produce a new canal with a length of 35 km with a depth of 24 m.

Suez Canal1

Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, Egypt’s President, recently inaugurated New Suez Canal in the presence of world leaders, guests, and the whole society of Egypt. Expansion of cruise lines that coincide with the opening of a new path, that established the position of the Suez Canal as one of the most important and the busiest canals in the world.

After the expansion and opening of new lanes, traffic vessel traffic in the Suez Canal is expected to rise more than 50%, with a daily volume increased from 49 vessels to 97 vessels. In addition, the ship transit time will be reduced to 8 hours overall. Thus, the value of revenues from the Suez Canal is predicted to rise until doubled.

“This is a very proud day, not only for the Suez Canal Authority and President El-Sisi, but also the entire community of Egypt, which has been trying to achieve the almost impossible to make this dream come true,” said Admiral Mohab Mameesh, Chairman of Canal Authority Suez, on the sidelines of the launch of new lines.

“Today, to give a gift to the world, we offer a new Egypt more prosperous and positive. For that, we put the Suez Canal as the highlight of the cruise industry, “he added.

In the next two weeks, the new path of the Suez Canal would welcome the arrival of the cruise, and the business is expected to grow rapidly after the official launch of this. What about traveling the world, whether the opening of new lines of the Suez Canal would affect the development of marine tourism in the world?