Feb 07

Paris Syndrome, You Will Be Shocked At Been To Paris

ParisMost Japanese consider Paris as a romantic city, suave, warm and very friendly, so the city of love has always been the main objectives traveled. Unfortunately, when he arrived in Paris, the shadow was not as expected, as a result every year many Japanese tourists hit Paris Syndrome.

The term Paris Syndrome, first appeared in a publication in the journal of psychiatry Nervure in 2004. At that time, dozens of Japanese tourists repatriated from Paris with symptoms of shock or suffered mental shock.

The Symptoms just like the loss of memory, for example, raved and claimed as the Sun King or incarnation of King Louis XIV. A female patient admitted even hysterical and attacked by someone with a microwave when in fact there was nothing.

The fact that Paris is not as friendly as one might imagine making a lot of shocked tourists. The style shop assistant who often yelling at customers who are not fluent in French, while the taxi driver who likes a lot noisier when the last passenger had to scramble with reckless driving make Japanese tourists stress.

This condition is the opposite of the famous Japanese culture is maintained decorum. I was so polite, Japanese people do not raise the tone of talk despite being angry, so easily stressed when faced Parisians stern character or temperamental.

Paris Syndrome as a result of disease, most of whom must be returned to their home country, even on the plane must be accompanied by a doctor and nurse to make sure the condition does not worsen. The cost of repatriation of tourists borne by the Embassy of Japan in the city of Paris.

Embassy of Japan in Paris estimates that each year there are 12 Japanese tourists who were returned because of Paris Syndrome, most women aged 30 years. As anticipated, the embassy open for 24 hours a complaints service for Japanese tourists who stress need help.

“A third of patients improved in a short time, a third and the rest suffered another recurrence of psychosis (mad) that had to be immediately repatriated,” said Yousef Mahmoudia, a psychologist at the Hospital Hotel-Dieu Paris as quoted by Reuters.

Mahmoudia believes, the shock experienced by the Japanese tourists This happens because the conditions of Paris is not as expected. Conditions contrary to the culture of the Japanese people.

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