Jul 09

People In Americans and British Have a Strongest Passport in the World

pasportWho does not like to travel abroad? Perhaps, for traveling abroad, you may obstructed by a passport and visa. Unfortunately, following the happy news does not apply to residents in addition to the two countries, because only the Americans and the British could have a passport strongest in the world.

What’s passport strongest in the world? According to a website that does the sorting passport, Passport Index, the strongest passport is not determined by the color like green and blue passports, but of how much the country can be visited.

American and British passports were in the first place because with such passports, citizens can visit 147 countries. Being in second place is the owner of the passport France, South Korea, and Germany, were able to visit 145 countries. In the third place, the owner of the passport Italy and Sweden can visit 144 countries.

Here are the top 10 world’s strongest passports as quoted from page Thrillist, Monday (20/04/2015):

1. The United States, the United Kingdom (147 countries)

2. France, South Korea, Germany (145 countries)

3. Italy, Sweden (144 countries)

4. Denmark, Singapore, Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands (143 countries)

5. Switzerland (142 countries)

6. Spain, Norway, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal (141 countries)

7. Canada, Greece, Austria, Malaysia (140 countries)

8. New Zealand (139 countries)

9. The Czech Republic, Australia, Hungary (138 countries)

10. Poland, Slovakia (137 countries)