Jan 03

Red Flute, Cave Full of Color in China

Red FluteIf you traveled to China or Tiongkok for a vacation, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the colorful limestone cave, Red Flute, located in the province of Guilin.

According to an American photographer, Scott Graham, Red Flute is the most colorful caves in the world, which is located 240 meters below the earth’s surface.

Reed Flute Caves limestone, which formed about 180 million years ago has attracted visitors for over 1,200 years, or since the Tang Dynasty, in 792 BC.

When entering the cave, the eye perceives a natural formation that is lit up in blue, fire red, and green light.
“It was really spectacular. This cave has high ceilings and stalactites and stalagmites millions of years, “said Graham.

“This underground lake creates an image like a mirror. I have visited many caves in the world, and this is the most spectacular I have ever seen. “He said as quoted by page Australia News.