Jul 06

Sand Spa, Unique Travel Kyushu Island in Japan

sandspaKyushu, JapanĀ  third largest island, is home to many hot springs, the most famous of which are in the cities of Beppu and Ibusuki. This city, with subtropical climate comfortable, and volcanic removing water, a major tourist destination.

One of their attractions is the most popular summer bathing-spring, or better known as Onsen, offered by various spa. But in these places there are several spas that offer a different sensation, spa sand.

Sand bath basically bury themselves in a big hole volcanic sand for 30 minutes. This experience is not only soothing and satisfying, but also believed to have an element of therapy. This seems great for treating infertility, diabetes, anemia, asthma, and can also help with weight loss.

Area to shower consists of a large box filled with sand that is heated with natural hot water. When sand thoroughly soaked in water, then steaming hot, after which the water is drained.

Visitors were then asked to lie down in the sandbox. Visitor buried in the sand until the sand cools, only then can rid themselves of the remaining sand stuck.

Once the box is empty, the heating process begins again, which takes about 30 minutes. So a ticket for sale at intervals bath 30 minutes, and there are only a number of points per session. Tickets are equipped with a traditional Japanese robe called “Yukata” is made of a type of towel.

This cloak helps keep the sand in order to remain attached to the body, and also acts as a kind of insulation against heat. A wooden pillow is also provided, which serves as a head rest.

Interestingly, the concept of sand bath is actually a common practice among animals. They roll around in the dust or sand for cleaning or drying their feathers and skin.

This is a common behavior among many species of mammals and birds – and even sometimes necessary to get rid of parasites. But humans use it as a spa treatment.