Aug 28

The Best Destination In Singapore

Singapore1Singapore could become one of the favorite holiday destinations after your visit Indonesia. In addition to the position of a country that is very close to Indonesia, is now planning a trip to Singapore as easy as snapping your fingers.

Cheap flights are available every day until online sites to book accommodation already scattered everywhere. As a developed country, Singapore almost every year always brings new attractions that attract tourists to come there so there may be no words to continue to travel to get bored there.

When talking about travel, shopping certainly be one of the topics discussed. But if shopping is not your main goal, then on this list I will describe interesting places that you should visit.

When talking about the tourist Indonesia, Singapore, shopping certainly be one of the topics discussed. But if shopping is not your main goal, then on this list I will describe interesting places that you should visit.

1. Newton Circus

Newton Circus

This place is known by a lot of choice of snacks. If you want to try out the atmosphere of Singapore’s night life or just bored in a hotel room, then this place is for you to try. To find foods such as barbecue shrimp, squid curry cook, until the middle eastern dishes like roti prata. For the price is relatively expensive, but this place can introduce you to the stall snack Asia. Located on Bukit Timah Road.

2. East Coast Park

East Coast Park

If you want to play the water at the beach, then came to the East Coast Park. A Beach that stretches as far as 15 kilometers is a place that is always crowded when the end of the week, because this beach is a favorite destination for local residents of Singapore. East Coast Park is also available road specially provided for cyclists, runners and roller skates users. Located on the East Coast Parkway. Visitors can interact directly with the protected animals at the Singapore Zoo, Singapore. Place live animals was made on a piece of forest as their natural habitat.

3. The Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

The Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

The zoo was built in this area does not use hedge trees in some parts. Feel the sensation of the interaction directly with wild animals such as deer and tapirs from inside a tram at night, or if you want to try more challenging, try visiting the bat cage at night to be able to see the giant fruit bats. Located on Mandai Lake Road.

4. Chinatown

One of Singapore’s most historic districts, a Chinatown which was once the residential area for the merchant from China now has many restaurants and bars. Come at night to see the game Mahjong in several clubs contained therein. Chinatown is located at Upper Pickering Street and stretching to the South to Cantonment Road.

5. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island

The combination of luxury resorts, golf courses, and soon became the center of Singapore’s casino on historic land formerly used by the British as the area survived the Japanese attack. Do not forget to visit Fort Siloso to see the remnants of war and also the tunnel – a tunnel of defense, or invite your family to play at Universal Studios Singapore.

6. Little India

Serangoon Road divides the Little India area and along the road there are many curry restaurants, shops, typical of India, to the place of worship of Hindus. On Sunday night, a Singaporean of Indian descent and foreign tourists thronged the area that makes it almost impassable.

7. Nature Reserve Bukit Timah and MacRitchie Reservoir

Kayaking and canoeing, adventure in an unspoiled forest, meet with the monkeys, to walk over the suspension bridge you can do in this area. Perhaps Bukit Timah Nature Reserve could be the destination for those who are want to get back to nature and urban for a moment forget the fatigue. Located on Hindhede Drive, Bukit Timah.
Shutterstock Masjid Sultan, Singapore Mosque, in Arab Street

8. Arab Street

Such as Chinatown and Little India, but this region is an area of ​​Singapore citizens of Arab descent. A Malay touch of old is still very strong in this area. One of the historical sights is the Sultan Mosque is located in the middle area of ​​this region. In the month of Ramadan, many Muslims are citizens enliven the region to break the fast.