Dec 19

The Best Tips You Need To Know Before Going To Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat, Papua Island (Indonesia)1One of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia, especially in east Indonesian is Raja Ampat. Have meaning as “Four Kings”, Raja Ampat are considered as the best diving spot in Indonesia, even on earth. Raja Ampat located among two oceans, Indians and Pacific Oceans that suitable for coral growth and accelerated the growth to maximum. With great coral reef, the beauty and the diversity of ocean life make Raja Ampat the best place for diving. This beauty are added with the warm of local people, therefore Raja Ampat becomes the best place you need to visit before you die. Today, I will provide you a several tips before you decide to backpacking to Raja Ampat, make sure to read this article!

The first tips is how getting Raja Ampat Properly. You may need to take several means of transportation before you can reach Raja Ampat. Generally, you will need to take flight from Jakarta to Sorong and fly for 5 hours. I recommend you to take separated flight, which means you will need to stop in Makassar, then you can take flight into sorong. This way, you will be able to save a lot money, you might be able to save more than $50 at one go. Don’t forget to plan your return flight and plan your vacation properly.

The next step is plan your transportation around. There are several ways to go on Papua, however, I recommend you to take Ojek or you can rent a car for $20-30 per day. Using a car, you will be able to carry your luggage properly and you can stop anywhere you want for simply take picture or taste local cuisine on warung or local restaurant.

The next step is make sure that you are determine where to stay in Raja Ampat. You can stay from Homestay that budget friendly, or you can get resort for the most comfortable options. You can spend $80 for 4 person in the resort or bungalow or you can get Homestay for $20/person that includes 3x meals! Some Homestay even located right infront of the sea, which means you can jump off directly into the sea.

The next step is determine the location for diving. There are several Island you can visit for diving spots, however make sure to ask local or your guide for the best places for diving spot at the moment. Generally, you need to contact diving operators in resort in Raja Ampat and pay for equipment and dive operators that will accompany you. I recommend you to get them to ensure your safety during diving. For more information, check raja ampat islands website.