Jul 10

The bodies of Berlin Museum Witnessed 40 Million Tourists

anatomist museum in a GermanA permanent museum showcasing preserved corpse was opened in Berlin on Wednesday (18/2) then. Founder of the anatomist museum in a German , Gunther von Hagens and his wife Angelina Whalley.

Known as Dr. Death, von Hagens has traveled the world since 1995 for a demonstration of what he described as the World Body or Body Worlds. The exhibition has attracted the attention of 40 million tourists.

Von Hagens chose Berlin as the home of the job. The museum is located in the pants area of ​​1,200 square meters in front of the tower at Alexanderplatz.

A total of 20 bodies was injected with silicone rubber and resin shown. The skin of the bodies had been stripped so that visitors can see the muscles, organs, blood vessels and bones clearly. The bodies are arranged like doing human activities, such as sitting and exercising.

Whalley said the museum gives a new perspective on the body and lifestyle to the visitors. “After seeing this exhibition, some visitors say that they are not going to waste their bodies again,” he told Reuters pages downloaded.