Apr 10

The Choice Photogenic Cafe In Fukuoka Japan

Japan is one country that has a high allure. Evident from the number of people who want to visit the country. The country of Japan in addition to presenting a culture and beautiful panorama, Japan is also famous for the food, if you’re vacationing in Japan and your position around the city of Fukuoka, Japan and was looking for a place to hang out, we will introduce four cafes options that have this luxury menu around the city of Fukuoka, Japan. Plus tips to enjoy dessert along with coffee that will add to delicious.



The Cafe opened in 2016 and the owner of the Cafe once training at the Hotel Okura Fukuoka as a patisserie. The Cafe has a concept of “Patishie no Omotenashi Café” which means cafes that offer hospitality from the patisserie.

This famous cafes even have customers coming from far places just to enjoy a dessert made with the choice. These stores also sell nuts.

There are seats at the Cafe counter that allows visitors to chat with the owner of the store while enjoying dessert.

Menu recommendations from owners of this cafe is a coffee L’atelier NOSTALGIE (worth 430 yen) and dessert “Noko Gateau Chocolat and Franboise Ice” (for 720 yen).

“Coffee is an original blend coffee Barista Ando of the Cafe coffee” connect “that get ranked second on the match” Latte Art World Championship “. This coffee has a soft texture that is suitable is consumed along with sugary foods, “said the owner of the cafe.

Venue Information
Address: Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken, Higashi-Ku, Higashi Kashiieki 1-4-1
Access: accessible directly from Kashii station, JR Line
Open hours: 11.00-23.00, Fri-Sat: 11.00 & 01.00, Sun 11.00-22.00
Day off: Monday

Okami No Kuchi

Okami No Kuchi

It is the result of the renovation of the 100-year-old barn, so it has the interior with a quiet atmosphere. This Cafe is the flagship dish of scones with a crisp exterior and a part of the sticky. Every Day it makes various types of scones which many take-out menus are made.

Menu recommendations from the owner of the Cafe is a coffee Blend Guchi Okami and Sweets Plate sold in the form of set menu costing 1,300 yen.

“This coffee Blend made by specialty stores that sell coffee beans Coffee Farmer named (Itoshima), through an experiment many times. Flavored coffee is made fruity to match consumed with dessert, “says the owner of the cafe.

Venue Information
Okami no Kuchi
Address: Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken, Nishi-Ku, Meinohana 6-3-35
Access: 10 minutes ‘ walk from the Meinohana station
Opening hours: lunch 11.30-14.00, Sunday, holidays: 12.00 &-14.00
Dessert sold at 14.00-18.00
Holidays: Saturday



In this small cafe, we could enjoy cake, cookies, french toast, and a variety of other snacks. Dessert menu here has a portion of the many that will satisfy you. With the quiet atmosphere of the store, we can enjoy cakes with ease.

Entree recommendations from managers of cafes are Fishy White Raspberry Latte (costing 550) and Sweets Set contains 2 cakes and 1 drinking glass (for 1,250 yen).

“Coffee Blend Fishy which is the original blend of COFFEE ROASTER’S (Hiro-o) has a strong and deep. When added with the sweetness of the whipped cream and raspberry sauce, feels fit combined with dessert, “says the Manager of the cafe.

Venue Information
Address: Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Chuo-ku, Shirogane 1-4-18
Sanko Bldg 1F.
Access: 4-minute walk from the Yakuin subway station
Open hours: 12.00-20.00
Holiday: Wednesday



It makes every dessert only when there is an order so that we can enjoy a dessert that is still fresh from the oven. This Cafe has an atmosphere of kawaii (cute) like a fairy tale book Café the preferred customers of women. The Cafe provides three menus “Tokubetsu Oyatsu Set” which is different on each month.

The menu of the Cafe Manager recommendation is Grignoter Risu (heat, worth 500 yen) and Oyatsu Tokubetsu Set consisting of cake and drinking (costing 950 yen).

“The coffee here is an original blend of ‘ C-Chiba Petit ‘ (Futsukaichi) with a fresh flavor that matches combined with cake. The taste is not so sour and aftertaste mild flavor make this dessert is left with a bad taste in the mouth, “said the Manager of the cafe.

Venue Information
Address: Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken, Yakuin, Chuo-Ku 4-2-13
Mezon Yakuin 2F
Access: about 7 minutes walk from Yakuin Odori subway station
Opening hours: 12:00-18:30
Day off: Monday through Thursday