Feb 19

The Eiffel Tower

Eiffel TowerLa Tour Eiffel or the Eiffel Tower is the most prominent building in the city of Paris there is a field Champ de Mars beside the Seine River and is known as a symbol of the French state. The Eiffel Tower was built as a gateway l’Exposition Universelle in 1889, a World’s Fair that coincides with 100 years of the French Revolution. Construction of the tower began in 1887, was inaugurated March 31, 1889 and opened to the public on May 6th. Named after its designer, Alexandre Gustave Eiffel.

The tower has a height of 300 meters with approximately 7,300 tons of steel structure. The wind may cause the tower to sway as much as 6-7 cm and the heat may cause the top of the tower up to 18 cm away from the sun. There is a television antenna height above 24 meters. Eiffel Tower holds the record for the tallest building for 40 years.

Three hundred workers, working together compose 18.038 pieces of steel, using two and a half million nail clamps that have previously been designed by Maurice Koechlin. The risk of accidents during the construction period is very large. The process is very dangerous because of the structure of the building itself could be overcome by Gustave Eiffel with precautions / tight security and only killed one person. When the tower started to be done, a lot of people were shocked and criticized, that the building is too bold, try and artful. Plus criticism addressed to Gustave Eiffel, known as a bridge engineer, he does not understand the aerodynamics of wind that would hit the tower.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the tower has been used for radio broadcasts (still exists near the south pole). Paris Observatory (20 November 1913) put an antenna on the Eiffel Tower that communicates with the United States Naval Observatory in Arlington, Virginia, USA. Now, other than as an icon of Paris, has also become a major tourist visit.