Dec 18

The Holiday has already started, visit the best tourist attractions in this world!

travelingHave you been planning a year-end holiday travel? Offered from the lonelyplanet, Friday (18/12/2015), following the recommendations of some of the world’s best tourist destinations for the holidays end of the year you.

1. The best city, Montenegro

The best city, Montenegro

Located in the middle of the mountains and corners of the Bay, this city views perfect as a scenario. The sturdy walls encircling the city were built from the 9th century until the 18th century. If viewed from a distance, the city is sinking as, if not visible, but at night, it can flare up with such beautiful treasure in the water.
Although this city is filled with the walls of the mazes, but try to get around, then you will be surprised by the Church, a shop, a bar and a restaurant on every corner.
In July and August, people will flock to this city came into use “yacht” and meets the harbour. So the Bay that the ship could not be used for swimming. However, the history and architecture of this city will always be attractive for people who love romance.

2. The Best Region, Transylvania-Romania

The Best Region, Transylvania-Romania

Transylvania formed of mountains, castles, churches, and fairytales of the past. Carpathian Mountains are the most appropriate place for anyone desiring a vacation in the wilderness. You can choose to explore the cave in Apuseni, rock climbing areas in the National Park Piatra Craiului, Bucegi plateau in cycling or mountain climbing Fagaras.

The most popular activity is sledding on the mountain Bucegi. Meanwhile, down the Peles Castle Bran until the area is also worth a try. If you want to enjoy the architecture and attractive outdoor cafés in the area, try to visit the city of Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu and. Whereas, if you are looking for night life in the area, come to Cluj-Napoca, a city of students. Many villages in southern Transylvania contain churches that have long been abandoned.
Székely Island is an island with a majority of the ethnic Hungarian community, although you will often see the residents of Rome wearing a cowboy hat and a red dress.

3. The best country-Botswana

The best country-Botswana

As the place was filled with Earth’s largest wildlife, Botswana is one of the best safari destinations in Africa. There are more elephants in Botswana as compared to other countries, Lions roam free and many wild animals are endangered. Like the rhino taken its horn, until the birds in the air.
Africa’s Okavango Delta land also and the Kalahari desert, as an icon of the desert’s most vast and wild. Merge both with wildlife, then it is difficult for belies that Africa has been safari’s best ever.
Botswana is the most exclusive destinations in Africa. The price includes accommodation with an Inn and experience to undertake the expedition. However, don’t worry, you can still perform the self-contained expedition if it wants it. However way you visit it, Botswana remains a place that was really incredible.