Jun 08

The Oblique of Tower on Mount Tianmashan China Compete With Italy Pisa Tower

Tower of PisaCalling the leaning tower, the Tower of Pisa in Italy has always been the first name called. But who would have thought, in the world which is also the leaning tower of historical relics of the past are also in Shanghai, China.

1000 years old, tower in Mount Tianmashan, Shanghai was built in 1079 during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). Has seven levels and height of about 20 meters, the tower is a Buddha statue storage. The tower originally stood proud, but a series of events in the past made it just left the tower stone tower.

tower on Mount Tianmashan

The tower began leaning to the southeast at an angle of 6:51 degrees in 1982. The spire tilted horizontally along 2.27 meters. A recent survey noted that the slope of the tower is now more than 7:10 degrees.

Ruan Yisan, a professor of urban planning at Tongji University, said the tower that has a history of nearly 1,000 years and is the cultural roots of Shanghai, and deserves better protection.

Li Kongsan, an official in the Bureau of Shanghai’s cultural heritage, said the city government inspect the tower twice a year and that the slope of the tower was always checked. “The main part was not damaged, but the exterior deteriorates and crack. The outer wall tower will undergo improvements in the second half of this year, “Li answer as reported by the China Daily, Sunday (06/07/2015).

A tourism official in China claimed the slope and the age of the tower was already far behind the Tower of Pisa. The tower was listed as a cultural heritage by the government of Shanghai in 1983. Experts believe the slope of the tower caused by a foundation that sits on two different surfaces – one side is on the other side of the mountain and rock on rock ballast.