Sep 05

There is a unique beach in Indonesia

Indonesia is an island nation surrounded by the sea. So, I wonder if it has many beautiful beaches. Moreover, in Indonesia there are also unique beaches. Such as beaches with hot water in Tidore. Or beaches with sand that extends 2 km to the sea in the Moluccas. In addition, there’s more uniqueness another beach located in Indonesia. This is 6 Unique beach located in Indonesia.

Tanjung Aan Beach, Central Lombok – beach with Two Different sand

Tanjung Aan Beach

The first beach is unique with two different types of sand in 1 beach. This can be seen when you visit the beach of Tanjung Aan this. Right on Tanjung Aan beach you will find white sand smooth. While the left, you will find sand with a dark color and large-sized grains of pepper. So far there has been no explanation to explain this phenomenon.

Tangsi Beach, Lombok – sandy beach Pink

Tangsi Beach

Similar to Tanjung Aan, Tangsi beach in Lombok is unique in the sand. Sand from the beach has a unique Tangsi very rarely found on other beaches in Indonesia and in the world.

If the Traveler is the perfect get color pink. Come when the sun is shining with the heat at midday. In addition, the condition of a deserted beach makes you comfortable to linger on this beach.

Gosong Beach, Halmahera – Bridges in the Middle of the Sea

Gosong Beach

Beaches in Halmahera has its own uniqueness. Which has a bridge connecting the two islands, namely the island Small Dodola the island of Great Dodola. If the Traveler’s look at this phenomenon, it is advisable to come when the sea water was receding. During low tide will be formed Gosong beach that connects the two islands. In addition, the Traveler can also see the “Stone Coffee”. Coffee stone is a stone cast a distinctive aroma of coffee.

Banyu┬áTibo beach, Pacitan – beach with Waterfall

Banyu Tibo beach

Tibo Banyu name means water that falls or waterfalls. The beach is located in Pacitan, East Java, is surrounded by steep cliffs. For the traveler who wants to visit it, you first have to down a 20 meter high cliff. However, your efforts will not be wasted when you have reached the bottom.

Ngurtafur Beach, Southeast Maluku – beach extends 2km to the Middle of the Sea

Ngurtafur Beach

The beach is located on the island Warbal, Kei Islands, Southeast Maluku is unique in that its beaches extending into the sea as far as 2 km. With water surrounding clear blue sea, the traveler will feel like walking into the sea at this beach. Moreover, this beach is rich in marine life. This is due to the Kei islands located between Arafuru Sea, Banda Sea, and the Seram Sea.

Akesahu beach, Tidore – beach with Hot Water

Akesahu Beach, Tidore

If the Traveler bored with the beach activities were unremarkable. Then visit the beach this Akesahu you will feel different sensations. How not, at this beach you can do relaxation with natural hot water and enjoy the beauty of the beach. The hot spring is named Akesahu. Although situated on the shoreline, the water bath is still fresh tablets.

That some unique beaches located in Indonesia, besides the beach of Kuta, Indonesia has a beautiful beach the other. So when you visit Indonesia, do not forget to enjoy the beauty of the riches contained in Indonesia.