Dec 21

This Hidden Travel Destination Waiting for Found

When travelling on vacation, most of you choose a place that is always the same. Even you have visited the site more than once. In fact, there are still many destinations that are much more beautiful. But the existence of these sights, hidden and unspoiled.

The attractions will look more natural and challenging when still unknown by many people. These tourist destinations are waiting for you to discover, and a direct exploration of its natural beauty.

Fenghuang, China

Fenghuang, Tiongkok

Fenghuang in Chinese means Phoenix. Recorded in the history of this city was once a border town and trading center of civilization of the Central Plains and mountains of the Southwest.
Currently, you can still see the remains of the City Wall, the North Gate Tower and the Southern Great Wall, dating from the Ming dynasty. The most exciting thing from Fenghuang is a unique Riverside settlements rely on tree trunks and faces the River Tuo Jiang. You will feel the atmosphere of a different holiday.

Mostar, Bosnia

Mostar, Bosnia

This famous tourist attraction with beautiful natural scenery such as painting. There is an Old Bridge amaze anyone who saw it. Mostar is one of the areas in Bosnia which it was most amazing.

With a Mediterranean climate and an extensive local facility for tourists making Mostar as a mandatory vacation spot for you to discover and enjoy its beauty.

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

A university town that lives amidst the backdrop of the hills along the river Yantra i.e. Veliko Tarnovo. The city is a haven for students.

As the former capital of Bulgaria in the middle ages, the town is loaded with impressive past. Starting from the atmosphere and infrastructure look riveting.

Veliko Tarnovo is popular among backpackers and is a fairly small town decorated with cosy restaurants. Not everyone can get this beautiful place.

It’s ready for you to find these hidden sights and adventure? Happy holiday.