Aug 07

This is it The beaches With Sand Gold in the UK

Britain is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. In addition filled with a variety of art Deco buildings, Britain is also famous for its natural scenery, charming, one of which is the view of the beach. Beaches in the UK is famous for its golden sand, but can play the water, you would also be able to walk on this wide beach while watching the blue sea and colorful cottage by the beach.

For those of you who want to spend a holiday by enjoying the beauty of the beach, England is a country that is right for you visit, launch of, Thursday (23/07/2015), the following list of the best beaches in the UK.

1. Bantham Beach, Devon

Bantham Beach, Devon

This beach has a long pier filled with boats of the fishermen. There is a pool of natural stone on the beach, you can relax there. Besides this beach is also one of the favorite places for surfing because the waves are challenging.

2. Constantine Bay, Cornwall

Constantine Bay, Cornwall

This beach has crystal clear water and is perfect for those who like water sports, such as surfing. Moreover hills perfectly lined up in the corner of the beach. Once you visit this beach, you’ll want to come back to visit every year. If you are planning to enjoy a vacation at the beach, do not forget to invite your family and loved ones.

3. Botany Bay, Kent

Botany Bay, Kent

The Botany Bay beach offers quality resorts that pamper you while on vacation with the family. You will feel like having a private island when he was here. If you look at the edge of the beach there is a pile of limestone and sand beaches are kept clean. You also get other facilities such as a rock pool for swimming, food kiosks on the beach and water sports equipment such borrowing snorkeling, diving, and surfing.

4. Gullane Beach, East Scotland

Gullane Beach, East Scotland

If you like a comfortable place and away from the noise, the beach this one is the right choice. This beach is the beach is right to spend time with family. The beach is flanked by two hills offers charming views. If you want a quieter atmosphere, you can hike 15 minutes to the west coast in Hummel Rocks. Gullane also provides fishing, and the golf course is pretty wide off the coast. Interesting is not it? For those of you who are interested in a vacation to England, where the beach can choose your favorite.