Aug 29

This is the 5 Place Shopping In Hong Kong

This is the 5 Place Shopping In Hong Kong. If you are planning for a vacation in Hong Kong, there’s nothing wrong if you spend time there by visiting the exciting shopping venues. Variety fashion stores, as well as selling souvenirs, may be found in the following five shopping tour, as quoted by the Guardian. Vacation is guaranteed to be more fun!

1. Lee Kung Man Knitting Factory

Lee Kung Man Knitting Factory

Here you can find some stylish casual clothing, such as sweatshirts, cardigans, shorts, up to underwear for men and women. Stores that had stood since 1928 it is also the oldest convection stores in China. This boutique is very famous in China. No wonder when the stores are always crowded by fans of fashion.

2. Linva Tailor

Linva Tailor

Not complete it if it comes to Hong Kong, do not buy clothes Cheongsam. Now in shopping this one, you can buy a classic Cheongsam dress with a wide range of options. Linva Tailor is also a shop cheongsam manufacturer in China. The average clothing made of silk material.

3. Western Market

Western Market

It is a mall that you must visit. There are a variety of cafes, souvenir shops, and various restaurants typical Hong Kong. If you want to Western Market, you should take the time that much there. Therefore, the place is fairly wide, so you can be more satisfied when shopping.

4. Siu Woo Trading Co

Siu Woo Trading

When visiting a foreign country, will not complete it if you do not buy presents for family, friends, lovers, and colleagues though. In Siu Woo Trading Co., you can buy a variety of souvenirs funny and unique. Start of souvenirs with the basic materials of bamboo, rattan up, can you find there. Not only that, stores that had stood since 1958 and even then has been selling a wide variety of kitchen utensils, and pottery.

5. Woo Ping Optical


Well, for those of you who liked to collect eyeglasses, must visit this shop. These outlets provide various types of glasses can make your classic vintage style of the 60s and 70s. Glasses with plastic material, has a larger frame, of course, you can buy here.