Oct 28

Top Ten The Most Popular Destination In Australia

Australia is one of the most interesting countries to visit and offers many unique places to be seen, as well as offering a unique culture and stunning nature. This article will discuss about tourist attractions in Australia, covering the whole area of Australia, from Islands near the Mainland, the region of desert and wildlife as well as unique species of animals, and also in parts of the city are magnificent and interesting. The list below is a list of 10 popular Australia tourist attractions.

1. Sydney


Sydney is the most populous and largest city in Australia and offers many interesting tourist sites. Attractions in Sydney, Australia’s most famous work are, of course, the Sydney opera house. This place was designed by architect John Utzon Denmark. Tourists visiting this place is allowed to see the backstage and the front of him. In addition to the Opera house, another tourist destination in Sydney is the Hunter Valley Wine Factory, Highlights of Harbour Cruises, Jenolan Caves, sea aquariums at Darling Harbor and many others.

2. Perth


Attractions in Perth, Australia is next. The city offers many attractions for tourists, ranging from a look around wildlife, adventure and culture and Aboriginal dance. Other attractions in Perth which has to be seen in Perth is Perth Zoo, Perth Mint, Stirling Gardens, Lake Monger, the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Western Australian Museum, Concert Hall, cultural center, as well as Majestys Theatre.

3. Tasmania


Tasmania is Australia’s attractions that are suitable for you who want to enjoy and a break from city life. Tasmania is a very unique place to holiday, because it has its own characteristics and deserts that cannot be separated from this place. The reason for the visit to Tasmania can vary . Starting from the historical and cultural riches of Tasmania, the spectacular beaches to the mountains and the lagoons. Tasmania is widely famous for its natural beauty and wildlife.

4. Fraser Island

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. You can refer to it as the natural wealth that is hidden. Attractions in Australia has a number of species will be threatened with extinction, ranging from wild dogs, Dingos, and some types of fish that are only found in Australia. The beach looks like heaven, Fraser Island is a very popular tourist destination for people around the world.

5. Kakadu National Park


Kakadu National Park was declared as one of the world heritage sites in Australia. Attractions in Australia have the length of more than 200 km south of the coast and 100 km from East to West. Kakadu National park has a very fantastic wildlife and native plants that exist only in this place. Kakadu is also home to about 500 aborigines.

6. Uluru


Uluru is the largest stone monolith in the world and is one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. Visit Uluru ideal is at sunrise and sunset; It was a time when a variety of colors across the Red stone available, a change in the pattern of a very interesting.

7. The Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world. Attractions in Australia stretches some 80 million acres along the coast of Australia North East. The Great Barrier Reef is home to some of the rarest sea organisms in the world and here you have the opportunity to see them and observe them.

8. Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is a small and peaceful place in Australia. Here you can be close to the Wallabies, Goannas, kangaroos, koalas, echidnas, dolphins, sea lions, penguins, fur seals, eagles, whales and ospreys. Attractions in Australia this sounds very interesting, isn’t it so?

9. Adelaide


Adelaide is one of the best ever designed in the world and offers many tourist attractions. Attractions in Australia this is the ideal place to travel, but at the same time also offers an exciting nightlife. If you are visiting Adelaide, you can also visit the Adelaide Hills with its natural reserves and national parks. You can also visit the vineyard the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale which is about an hour’s drive from the city of Adelaide.

10. The Jamison Valley

Jamison Valley

The Valley of the famous cable car with Jamison with a beautiful tour. This Valley has a beautiful landscape that attracts thousands of local and foreign tourists per year.

Australia has many attractions to offer and places this is just part of the thousands of existing tourist attractions in Australia.