Jul 04

Travel To Chichibu Japan To See The Beautiful Gardens

east shinjuku tokyoTours to Japan is always exciting to do.. Japan has places that harmony between the modern and the traditional, between the bustling city and the tranquility of nature, as well as providing cultures maintained.

Tokyo, Kansai and Okinawa is a beautiful City in Japan is an area that has always been so in the know among other prefectures. But that does not mean other prefectures do not have a place of interest, examples Saitama Prefecture who had not so held visitors because it has a poor history, but now could be a very attractive tourist destination.

Reporting from Rocketnews24, Saturday (20/6), Prefecture Saitama has a garden with 15 million flowers are so amazing, the place was known as Heavenly Poppies. Areas which are in the north of the Tokyo precisely Chichibu District have mountain tourism and marvelous temples.

If tourists visiting Chichibu between mid-May to early June in Chichibu Kogen stop Bokujo (Chichibu Highlands Farm). This place gives a rural atmosphere with presenting Japanese tourists observing sheep and rabbits foraging in green pastures.


In addition, the district is a mainstay of the five acres of land planted with Shirley poppies. The park is so full of flowers in red and white be interesting to see alloys.

If you see this garden of one of the skyscrapers, these flowers are so contrasting provide color and stunning beauty. Especially if you look at the flower meadow as the sun rises, luxury will not be easily forgotten.

Interested? You can come here by train from Tokyo Station to the station through the main line Chichibu Minano by taking a two-hour drive. After arriving at the station Minano, you will get a free bus shuttle towards this flower garden. For the entry fee, tourists are charged 200 yen