Jun 24

Travelers Australia Not Want More Trips to Bali

kuta_bali_beachAustralian travelers are now no longer want to traveled to Bali. Although the distance is very close, accessibility easily achieved, the price of the tour package is cheap and has a variety of tourist attractions, but it does not affect the condition of the domestic residents Kangaroo to come back to the island. They had left Bali.

There are several factors underlying cause, namely the execution of two Australians who smuggle narcotics into Bali, known as the Bali Nine. Also the development of new tourist destinations in Western Australia as well as increasing the attractiveness of tourist destinations in other tropical countries such as Hawaii, Thailand, Charms as a new alternative to the more well worth a visit.

“Nowadays, Australia tourist for a holiday began to change the total, popularities Bali started slowly eroding and increasingly forgotten. Now the new tourist destinations that are considered attractive are, Charns and Hawaii, “said the report quoted by Sydney
Morning Herald yesterday.

In fact, the report continued, Australians are very offended by the Indonesian government policies that provide free visas for 30 countries, excluding Australia. While the country New Zealand, Canada, China, the United States (US) is now free to enter without a visa to Indonesia.

“While the people of Australia who came to Indonesia have to pay 35 US dollars for a visa for 30 days,” he said.

Manager Flight Center Travel Group Haydn Long said the decline in the interest of Australians traveled to Bali, not only related to the execution of Australians, but many contributing factors including sluggish economic growth.

Data in the Bali Tourism Office reported a decline of about 4 percent in May 2015, of the visits of tourists from Australia. Even the very sharp decline in perceived of hospitality in Bali, which experienced reduced by up to 62 percent in April 2015 compared to the same month in 2014. This indicates less interest Australian tourists visiting Bali.