Aug 26

Unique Restaurants Serve Food Made From `Garbage` Supermarket

Rub og StubLatest Data Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in October 2013 calls, one of eight people in the world suffers from hunger. More than 842 million people, or about 12% of the Earth’s population, is chronically malnourished. On the other hand, each year, 2 billion tons of food to be consumed ends up in the trash. From households, markets, and a modern supermarket. Without realizing it, you, we, do it.

A new restaurant in Denmark has a solution to address food wasted it. Rub og Stub restaurant provides a menu of food that is thrown away from the supermarket. Besides aiming to reduce junk food, the restaurant is set to raise money for charity.

“Too much food is thrown away in Denmark. We wanted to do something,” said one of the founders of the restaurant, Sophie Sales, as published Oddity Central.

So far, a unique restaurant that can provide a lot of menus, from vegetables to dishes of mutton and duck breast.

The materials are supplied from the two largest grocery store chain supermarkets Denmark, Coop Denmark.

Rub og Stub initial idea came from the ‘Freegans’ or scavengers-they are going through trash bins to find food that can still be consumed. But it must be noted, they are not bums.

Moreover, supermarkets and grocery stores often discard food ingredients simply because its shape is no longer beautiful. Not because it could no longer be consumed.

Although based on good intentions, some critics pointed to what the founders of the restaurant just to make a profit. However, the Rub og Stub said that, besides the project director and chef Irina Bothmann, all the staff are volunteers. Money that they can be donated to three charities in Sierra Leone.

They also denied serve a written rubbish, just as the French media. “The media there exaggerate by writing, ‘garbage plate’. That’s not true, the material we get is food that is not sold that day and removed from supermarket shelves,” said Sophie Sales.

Another obstacle facing the restaurant, there is no fixed supplier. There is no contract signed. “We ask the supermarkets deliver the goods to be their waste. But sometimes they ask us to pay.”

Rub og Stub is struggling to get more donors. “Rub og Stub is an innovative concept, I hope there are more like this in Denmark,” said Irina Bothmann chef.