Jul 21

Visited the Beautiful Islands in New Zealand

Welcome to the country with the world’s most beautiful nature! Where else if not New Zealand. Down the country from north to south, you will get a super experience complete. Starting from the caves, rivers, beautiful meadows, to the snowcapped mountains.

aucklandThe trip can be started from Auckland, one of the largest cities in North Island, New Zealand. Arm yourself with the itinerary, or perhaps from the site for the travel bloggers are emerging.

Travelling in two of the island you can take a rented car. As for the inter-island transport, you can use the plane.

There are other options if you want more adventure. Namely, using a camper van (car caravan with beds inside) or bus Hop-On Hop-Off that will stop at certain points.

First day, you can begin around the city of Auckland, the former capital city of New Zealand before being transferred to Wellington in the 1860s. Visit the Auckland Sky Tower, the highest point in the city (328 meters). Also Cornwall Park. At Cornwall Park, there is One Tree Hill, 182 meters high hill which is a memorial site for the indigenous people of New Zealand, Maori and migrant communities in the country.

On the second day you can start exploring nature in North Island. The Waitomo Glowworm Cave Tour can be an alternative first visit. The caves were discovered in 1887 was a major tourist icons in the North Island. Participants are invited to climb aboard the small tour to the caves along the river for about 30 minutes.

In a few minutes early, there was no lighting in the cave. After a few meters, you will be surprised by the thousand points of light that glowed in the roof of the cave. Beautiful shades will can be found. The points of light that shines apparently larvae, like fireflies. Larvae was named scientific Arachnocampa luminosa.

the hobbits

Out of the cave, slid into Matamata City, a fictional village The Shire is. As is known, the village of Peter Jackson’s creations is setting the trilogy The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. You can enjoy the view at that location. It is amazing to see the realization of the imaginary place. Bilbo Baggins, the vegetable gardens of the hobbits, as well as the village streets is the beautiful and peaceful Shire. Make you can imagine Gandalf riding carts while being chased by Bilbo.

New Zealand is famous not only promises beautiful nature, but also extreme sport. You can use it to try to ride the open river rafting or better known as white water rafting.

Finished playing rafting, you can unwind with a spa and on-site sulfur baths. According to Maori, sulfur bath can nourish and restore tired bodies, and even injuries.

In the North Island, you can use the remaining time to play maze in aMAZEme, a vehicle that is suitable for tourists who invites baby. There, there are kinds of games as well as a small farm with rabbits, chickens, and other animals. You can also set foot in Geothermal Attraction by way of trekking in the Waimangu Volcanic Valley.