Feb 05

Want Vacation To The Milan? 13 Interesting Places in Milan

Basilica churchThere are several things you can do while in Milan without having to spend a lot of money or a penny. Outside dining and transportation costs, the following 13 things presented by a citizen named Ales Bonaccorsi Milan who happened to work at the Scientific Museum when talking with wolipop recently.

1. Duomo

This iconic cathedral entrance fee is free, but if you want to get a special tour of the deeper, still have to pay off the 1 euro. In addition to free, the Duomo can be a great place to take refuge from the heat or cold outside.

2. Castello Sforzesco

Old castle is now home of several museums and art galleries. Lantar a walk around the base of the castle is free of charge, but if you want to enter the contents one by one then applies its own rates.

3. Park

Milan city not known for its green park, but actually a lot of beautiful gardens and spacious in the city. For instance Parco Sempione which is behind Castello Sforzesco. Sometimes many musical performances that take place in it. Haus as many runs? Many drinking water faucet that can be directly approached.

4. Window Shopping

If shopping is not your sightseeing agenda, then simply do window shopping in key areas. Here you can see the view of the store displays designed by the renowned visual merchandiser to the fashionista who paced with the latest fashion trends.

5. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

The building is located next to the Duomo contains many fashion stores and others. Although the products are sold expensive, you can just walk around in it while enjoying the stunning architecture of the building.

6. Rotate upper body in mosaic Bull’s Balls

While in the Galleria, do not miss the opportunity to rotate the body with one heel over the bull’s mosaic ball. There are four mosaic in the center galleria, but a mosaic that is known to bring good luck and you’ve undoubtedly come back here in the future.

7. Palazzo Reale

The royal palace is actually the administrative center of Milan. Still in the area around the Duomo, this building could be an option streets of historic buildings you.

8. Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte Museum

The building that was once home resident is now the home of several historical works of art from the 18th century and 19. The name itself is taken from Napoleon Bonaparte Bonaparte and his family who had settled in this villa.

9. Monumental Cemetery

Located near Garibaldi train station, this place is a cemetery famous for the beautiful gravestones.

10. Milan Aquarium

Though it cannot be juxtaposed with other well-known aquarium-aquarium in the world, this place could be the right choice for your search for ‘free’. Not only that, the building is also located in a large building which is used for large exhibitions.

11. Horse of Leonardo Da Vinci

Milan is known in Da Vinci’s painting titled ‘Last Supper’. In addition to this painting, there are works of art creations can be seen the statue of the horse. Being in the city center, this statue is the largest horse statue in the world. Made of bronze material and was made in the 15th century.

12. Santa Maria delle Grazie

The church may not be as popular as other churches in Milan, but did you know that this church is a church that became the location of the painting ‘The Last Holiday’? Yes, you may have to pay to see the paintings in a museum, but to see the church where the painting was made, for free!

13. Church

If you walk along the city of Milan, which you see may only banks and shops. But among them there are many old churches with architecture and stunning scenery. Call it the Basilica church in Sant’Ambrogio (one of the oldest churches in Milan), San Simpliciano (in this church are the remaining damaged buildings from the Roman times), to San Bernardino Alle Ossa (small church with unique interior structure).