Feb 16

Maldives, heaven That Almost Drowned

MALDIVES is a country that never absent is called when the world is talking about global warming. The natural beauty of the island country in the South Asia region that threatened sea swallowed up “lost”.

That afternoon a ferry from the pier on the island of Hulhumale will overwhelm the Island towards a Male passenger. The ship was carrying most passengers who reside in Hulhumale and worked in the Male.

Upon arrival at the Hulmuhale, most passengers choose the drive with the public bus, past the paved road and the residential neighborhood of neat, to their residence. Some uses personal motorcycles since the morning parked at the dock.

Every day, the majority of the residents in this sea must cross Hulhumale for 20 minutes by ferry to Male to have activity. They are trading, shopping at traditional markets and shopping malls, or work in an Office.


Water sports activities is one of the selling power of the Maldivian tourism. To that end, every resort in the Maldives offers a variety of water sports equipment, either for rent or free.

Malé is the capital of the Maldives, which is also the name of the island. The island is crowded with Office buildings, markets, schools, malls, to the football stadium, until it became the center of various activities of the population.

As for the island of Hulhumale is concentrated as a place to live, of course with a variety of amenities complement, like hospitals, small supermarkets, schools, recreational parks and beaches, where fueling, and power plants.

In addition to its functions, Male and Hulhumale has another difference. The Male long island is formed naturally. While Hulhumale is an artificial island, the island was made a man.

2 square kilometer island was reclaimed from October 1997. Based on data from the Housing Development Corporation (HDC), the island is expected to be a dwelling place for 60,000 people.

Currently, Hulhumale was inhabited around 3,000 people. Some of them took refuge from a long island destroyed since the tsunami in 2004.

Snorkeling is one of the tourist attractions of Maldives. In the crystal clear waters of the Maldives, divers can see a variety of marine life.
Hulhumale is indeed created and focused as to shelter island. In addition to the hundreds of apartments with a variety of classes that have been standing in one of the parts of the island there is land on which the House will be built through the Program of development of a thousand homes.

This program can help the residents of the island are prone to sink to move to the artificial island. However, this applies only for the short term.

Although it consists of many islands, with a total of 1.900 ‘s fruit, Islands in the country is threatened “lost” due to global warming is making sea levels continue to rise. Moreover, the surface of the land in the Maldives is generally quite low, just as tall as coconut trees at the highest point.

Be aware of changes in natural conditions that threatened their habitat, the population of the Maldives has a high concern for the environment. “In ancient times, parents may not particularly pay attention to environmental conditions. But, right now, all understand the importance of safeguarding the environment, especially of the sea, “said Ivan, a tour guide.

In elementary school, for example, there are about preserving marine curriculum, including diving lessons. “Fishermen are also not allowed to use tool destructive fishing reefs. Fish must be lured one-on-one, “said Ivan, when showing flurry fish market in Male.

Water sports activities is one of the selling power of the Maldives Tourism, sports such as kayaking.
Environmental care activities is also often involves travelers who stay at the resort. Kurumba resort, for example, there are monthly activities include cleanup junk from the resort. This activity involves the hotel staff and guests.

Garbage-garbage and garbage daily from various places gathered on an island, known as Thilafushi, to then be processed according to its kind.

Not surprisingly, the Maldivian waters look so clean, start from the beach up to the sea. The beauty of biota can be enjoyed, in fact, from the surface of the sea.

Concern for the population of the Maldives will this, environmental sustainability is not only influential in their lives. As many as 600,000 tourists every year comes, could also feel the comfort.