Jul 07

Mitsui Garden Hotel Provide Special Room To Crying

women cryWomen definitely often to cry, either because of a breakup or cheated. Sometimes, women often undemonstrative want to cry because there is no convenient place to vent his crying.

Well, a Japanese hotel offers a special room to cry. Mitsui Garden Hotel Yotsuya in Tokyo is the only hotel that makes a special room for crying. This room is equipped wipes, eye mask, a series of dramas such as The Notebook, Forrest Gump and The untouchables.

A spokesman for the hotel told Time, Thursday (14/05/2015), said a special room to cry it promoted because Japanese women aged 20 to 40 years, often through life with stress and depression it is make she cry.

To date, a special room promo cry is only available until August 31, 2015. The price for all use of the room is set at 10 thousand yen