May 05

San Alfonso Del Mar, the largest Pool In The World

San Alfonso Del MarSan Alfonso Del Mar is the largest pool in the world. San Alfonso Del Mar itself is located in the San Alfonso del Mar Resort, in the town of Algarrobo, Chile. Or, about 60 miles or 100 km from the capital city of Santiago. If seen from afar, this pool is unlike man-made ponds in general, but rather looks like the ocean.

Pool-San Alfonso Del Mar have the length of the pool to reach the 915 meters wide and up to 20 hectares. Very knowledgeable not just reasonable?, because this pool area, 20 times the pool used for the Olympics. To fill water in this pool, it takes around 66 million gallons of water sourced of the clear sea water. Even though it is said seawater, does not mean that the water in the pool is salty, and flowed into the pond before, sea water filtered beforehand.

To maintain comfort and safety of the visitors, officials have also prepared a variety of advanced technologies. For example, the existence of a monitoring system to supervise the activities of in the swimming pool. In addition the Organizer also always sets the temperature of the pool so you can always enjoy the visitors. Despite its name the pool, does not mean you should not bring the boat there. You may rent a boat, canoe or small-sized sailboats, and sailed around the swimming pool. In the pool, you can also relax and while basking in the hot sun.

Well, for those of you who have not been adept at swimming, and are afraid if anything happens, we recommend you do not need to worry about, since guards, hundreds have been ready to help and assist, if things happen that are not desirable in this pool. Not only limited to the pool that exists here, in the middle of the pool there is also a restaurant, meeting rooms, cinemas, pubs, an outdoor amphitheater, as well as many sports fields (football, tennis, volleyball etc.), a nightclub and an aquarium.

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The swimming pool was opened in late 2006, has held the Guinness record as the deepest swimming pool in the world. Fittingly enough, because the depth of the pool reached 115 ft. For tourists who visit this pool, the San Alfonso Del Mar also provides lodging facility i.e. their apartments. There the tourist can rest with a choice of 8 different types of apartment.