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Sightseeing Tour Of Raja Ampat, Papua’s Most Exotic

raja ampat islands

raja ampat islands

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Tourist underwater ecosystem Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a tourist place in Papua, which has worldwide. Raja Ampat fame as one of the most attractive travel destinations have been documented in the documentary film entitled “Edis Paradise 3? With its premiere in Switzerland. A documentary made by Avant Premiere raised the beauty of the underwater world of Raja Ampat in Papua called Amazon World Ocean. The nickname was carried because the position of the Raja Ampat is in the center of the world’s coral triangle. Raja Ampat are included in the territory of West Papua is a group of islands with 610 islands scattered, but only just 35 islands occupied by residents.

Keep in mind that 75% of fish species in the world are located in the waters of Raja Ampat. Ocean in Raja Ampat is a natural ecosystem that is still awake preservation of, until now. The high value of the strategic nature of the sea in Papua led to Raja Ampat in Papua travel are protected by the laws of Indonesia.

This is to prevent the destruction of marine ecosystems that act solely pursuing business advantage. Not without reason! Raja Ampat Tourism has become the focus of world travel at the present moment.

Underwater nature tours Raja Ampat

Underwater nature tours Raja Ampat

Tourism Raja Ampat in Papua offers a number of attractions that are in great demand by foreign tourists in particular, namely diving. Activities, diving (diving underwater) and snorkeling in Raja Ampat will show the beauty of the underwater world of Raja Ampat in Papua that is so enchanting, with various species of fish and coral reefs natural living. Diving in Raja Ampat will show you a variety of different species of fish that even you have never known before. Remember, 75% of fish species are in Raja Ampat. Have you seen manta rays? The width of the stingray’s body, even reaches 2 m.

At least there are 1500 species of fish, 537 species of coral, and 699 invertebrates that can be found in the underwater world of Raja Ampat. For diving, you will be accompanied by experts and use a complete diving equipment. If you ever do a diving at other beaches, then you will be so amazed at the beauty of the underwater Raja Ampat in Papua. Coral reefs are living becomes a source of food are thousands of species of fish and other marine species. Ecosystems are very natural and so dazzling that makes Raja Ampat Amazon, dubbed the World Ocean.

Some people mention the Raja Ampat in Papua tourist is a tourist paradise hidden owned by Indonesia. Raja Ampat Tourism may be crowned as the natural attractions of the most fascinating underwater owned by Indonesia. Which can match the natural beauty of the underwater may travel only on the Sabang Weh Island, Aceh. If sights Raja Ampat is in the eastern part of Indonesia, Sabang Weh island tour is in the most western part of Indonesia.

raja ampat6Interestingly, both sites with his diving activities are among the most attractive in the world just got a great attention of the tourists abroad. The interest of foreign nationals and the number of visits to the upward trend time after time to make both sites Indonesian sea has become so popular in international circles. Indeed, the journey of a domestic audience who lost in the sea to visit tourist attractions.

Admittedly, the cost factor is a major cause that makes the domestic tourist arrivals to the tourist attractions Raja Ampat in Papua is still relatively small. Infrastructure conditions in Papua is not adequate and the cost of transportation to / from Papua make a point of interest in Papua has not been visited by tourists Indonesia. Not to mention about the cost of accommodation and logistics that must be paid for enjoying the tour in Raja Ampat.

Unlike the foreign tourists who have a higher income level than the citizens of Indonesia, the better the financial condition allows them to enjoy diving attraction as one of the most popular Raja Ampat. It is thus also seen in a tourist area on the Sabang Weh Island of Aceh. The level of foreign tourist arrivals more than domestic tourists.
Any attractions Raja Ampat?

Diving and snorkeling is one of the tourist activities Raja Ampat most famous. However, you should know that the tourist attractions in Papua also have dense forests, limestone cluster of colorful, various species of rare plants, as well as sea turtle nests on the beach.

Most tourists will be surfing in Raja Ampat because these sights have ocean waves is quite challenging. Some islands in the Raja Ampat is the most frequently visited Wayag Island, Waiwo Island, Coral Island, Islands Gam, and Arborek Island. If you want to see birds of paradise which is unique wildlife Papua, you can visit Gam Islands. There are 4 types of birds of paradise that live in the Gam Islands, namely red bird of paradise, paradise large, small paradise, and paradise split rattan.

If you are challenged to rock climb, go to Coral Island. On this island you will climb to the reef slope reaches 90 degrees. If you make it to the top, you will be amazed by the beauty of the panoramic sea Raja Ampat. At the top of the reef, You can see the the whole green island surrounded by blue water.

Transportation route travels to Raja Ampat

To arrive at the Raja Ampat islands, the nearest place that can be reached aircraft is the town of Sorong, with a distance of about 6 hours flight from Jakarta. Normally the aircraft will transit in Makassar or Manado. Airlines that have scheduled flights to Sorong, among others, Silk Air, Garuda Indonesia, Pelita Air, and Merpati. Furthermore, you will be heading Waisai, capital of Raja Ampat. Waisai city is located on the island of Waigeo, one of the four main islands (the big island) in the Raja Ampat Islands. The large island in Raja Ampat is Misool Island, Salawati, Batanta island, and the Waigeo island.