Jul 11

During the month Romantic Travel, Interested?

romantic dinnerThere are many ways to please your loved ones. One way is to spend time to travel together to romantic places across different countries.

If romance is your soul mate, might be tempted by the super deluxe travel package Hurlingham Travel in the UK, worth £ 68,500. Similarly, the report quoted page of the Daily Mail, yesterday.

In the travel package, offered a full month surround the romantic place in many countries. Like Venezia, Italy, Santorini in Greece, St. Moritz, Switzerland, to Koh Samui in Thailand.

The couple will stay at leading hotels, with a minimum of junior suite type rooms. While the minimum cost of business-class. Arriving at the hotel, the couple will be placed in a special room that has been so arranged as to nuances of warm and romantic. Adorned with flower petals, candles, until the love song lovers will welcome them.

The travel package starts from London, England. The first route is to the Italian state, to visit Rome, Florence and Venice. Then the journey continues towards Paris, France, continued to Greece, Caribbean, Hawaii, Thailand, and will end up in the romantic resort in the Maldives.

Romantic locations are taken from a survey conducted by VeryFirstTo.com. It is known there are 10 places in the world’s most romantic.

“This trip is designed specially by Hurlingham Travel. Previous travel route has not been there, for Valentine’s Day this year, we created a special, “said spokesman VeryFirstTo.com.