Oct 20

Romantic Venice Japan

Otaru Canal

Not only in Venice to enjoy the romantic canal. In Japan, there is also a funny no less than him. The canal is located in Otaru City, Hokkaido, Japan. This canal became a famous icon for a city that has an area of ​​243.65 square kilometers. Spot tours with beautiful scenery and romantic are known as Otaru Canal.

In ancient times, the Otaru Ungga area or Otaru Canal was the main air route for traffic. The carrier unloading pairs of cassette payloads alternate the channel sound. This place is connected with the Port of Otaru which becomes Hokkaido entrance.

However, the economic pulse in Otaru faded over time. After that, there is a plan to reclaim this water canal. Indigenous people refused and protested. But this action did not work, Otaru canal was originally 40 meters wide reclaimed to 20 meters.

The clean canals and missing antique buildings are the tourist attraction here. Given its history, this canal is polished like the likes of a prominent destination on Hokkaido Island. Along the edge of the air canal lies a rocky pedestrian zone. Results of painters and toys craftsmen hanging out at this location. There is also a missing relief of the history of the Otaru canal.

The buildings around the canal are neat, well maintained and clean. Occasionally you can see the ship through the canal. Antique building located around the canal, functions and tourist facilities. This classic atmosphere is the attraction for this.

Otaru canal can be reached about 1.5 hours using a vehicle from Chitose Airport. Here you can take a boat that follows a stream that reaches 1,140 meters long or walks on the edge of the canal.