Oct 24

Santorini island is the most romantic in the world

Santorini Greece1

Thousands of couples getaway to Santorini is not without reason. The island’s landscape is unique and romantic as the Sun sunk impressed seen Golden add romance vacation traveler.

Santorini is a volcanic island that lies between the islands of Ios and Anafi, Greece. Just imagine you were in the middle of a white building that sits on a cliff. Plus more while enjoying a beautiful sunset with the person you love.

Santorini Greece1

Santorini’s main destinations often couples or newlyweds. A wide array of hotels there offer a romantic experience. There are some villages that could be chosen to spend an unforgettable holiday.

One of the most famous villages is Fira. The village is also the capital of the island has the most beautiful landscape in between the other villages. In the village, there is also a most fitting spot to enjoy the sunset.

Because this place is also famous for, so one of the most densely populated destinations. Don’t worry, there’s one spot that is not too crowded yet still has a spectacular sunset view. Just come to Firostefani and enjoy views of the sunset against the backdrop of a mountain fire.

If you’re looking for a building native Village, come to Santorini Karterados. There in the House with a traditional style of Santorini. White House with blue roof decorates this area. Tempted? The village is situated 2 km to the North of the village of Fira.

While the Santorini also has some beautiful beaches. Kamari Beach one. This beach has black sand is soft. Lots of tourists who spent time there with swimming, sunbathing and diving