Apr 14

Tanjung Lesung Tourism Object

Have you ever come to enjoy Tanjung Lesung tourism object? Weekend is an exciting day after waiting for a week. But sometimes we confused to decide where we will spend our holiday because there is no reference.
This enjoy place is in Pandeglang Banten. Here, the visitors will be offered a variety of fun rides that can help them enjoy their weekend has been planned.

Existing vehicle Tanjung Lesung tourism ie cultural tourism, sports tourism, educational tours, fun games, and so forth.

Some information about the options for staying :


Hotel or resort

If you want to stay then there are deals on hotels and resorts that can make the choice to stay. It’s no need to worry about the price of the hotel which will be in use as a place to stay because all can be adjusted with the budget provided. The price is idr 976 800 to idr 5,000,000 in a night.

Maybe for you who have not seen the place would say expensive. But when comfort is on offer compared with the beauty and also services on offer may impression that emerges is a sense of satisfaction. To enjoy this holiday you can invite family and loved ones or husband. This is because the hotel is on offer has a shape like a comfortable home that is equipped with a swimming pool and also a kitchen.


If you are staying in a hotel or resort home shaped impressed expensive then there are two options in the form of a homestay. This inn provides no less comfortable facilities and also the most important is in accordance with our bags. To enjoy this homestay just enough to pay idr 400,000 to idr 1,200,000 in a night depending on the choice and convenience. To get to the attractions Cape Dimples when you stay in the area are made in the homestay was not quite far is approximately five hundred meters away and not have to pay the entrance fee when’ve stayed here.
After understanding about what kind of accommodations that you want to live then it is better if you prepare everything. Preparation can be started from the selection intending to visit the most beautiful beaches on the island of Java in a way that is how. For example, want to use a tour package that is held by the tourism and travel or want to use backpacking way to enjoy this tour. Whatever option will take this to be entirely right for you. However, there are some information about the places that are very beautiful in Tanjung Lesung tourism object.

Tourism Object that needs to visit in Tanjung Lesung are


Tanjung Lesung Resort

When visiting Tanjung Lesung area do not forget to enjoy the water which is provided to spoil your holiday. The water attractions, among others, sea kayaking, jet ski, banana boat, open water diving, pedal boat, glass bottom boat, and also snorkeling. While visiting the guarantee was disappointed because the view of the beach really well maintained and is extremely pleasant. The view is white beaches, underwater area is still well preserved and also all the circumstances really clean and well maintained.

Beach Bodur

On the beach in Cape Dimples this one in the call to the beach Bodur. This beach has soft white sand mixed with sea water green to dark blue. People can enjoy the sunset together with loved ones at this beach.

Bodur beach

Tanjung Lesung Cipanon Village

In the tourist village has a role and duties also very beautiful and also fun, one of which is to maintain the diversity of the underwater park. By keeping the underwater beauty will not make a profit for underwater gardens are beautiful, but also for the life of the surrounding residents. The beach is maintained to be able to provide a good livelihood for the people who generally fishermen also for underwater diversity and also the safety of the future.

Liwungan Island Tanjung Lesung Banten

For those of you who are new bride then be able to visit this island. The island has beautiful beaches with a good panoramic view over the sea and under the sea. You can visit this island with her beloved husband or wife to spend the honeymoon and enjoy all the beauty that is on offer.


Once you know about the beautiful places in the attraction Cape Dimples then open about various beautiful places in their own country. Before deciding to go abroad holiday then visits the beautiful tourist first in the country that is rich in beautiful attraction awesome eye. In order to not get stuck with expensive foreign travel would be good if there is to be good at choosing the right attraction for use as a weekend getaway.