Jun 26

The beauty of the Karimunjawa island in Indonesia

karimunjawa1Publications including the beautiful islands in Indonesia contained in Jepara. Publications included in Jepara, Central Java, on the north coast of Java Island. These islands have also been designated as a National park. White sand and crystal clear water is a sight you’ll enjoy. Natural atmosphere, beautiful and quiet still deeply felt and will make you feel comfortable to linger here.

The Karimunjawa language is derived from Kremun which means obscure or vague. Was given the name because these islands faintly visible on the island of Java due to its location which is quite far from the island of Java. To achieve Publications takes about 4 to 6 hours from the mainland island of Java by using Fast Motor Boats of Semarang or Jepara. Taste, matched with his name, because indeed take a long time to arrive on the island.

The Karimunjawa islands become a haven from the diver. You can perform various activities in the clear water. Swimming, diving (diving), or snorkel will be fun.


The beauty of coral reefs and colorful fish in the sea will be an attraction to play around in the water. The sea water in Karimunjawa very clear and transparent, so you can clearly see the bottom of the sea. For those of you who like fishing, you can also do it in a few islands in Karimunjawa.


To get to Karimunjawa, you can use some of the following alternatives:


1. Quick Ship from Semarang

From Semarang, you can go to the Publications through the Port of Tanjung Emas using speedboats. The trip from Semarang to Karimunjawa around 4 hours to 6 hours if the weather is bad.

2. Ships from Jepara

If you choose to go to the Publications of Jepara, you can through the Port Kartini. You can choose to use a fast boat, or also using slow boats and cheap from Jepara. The trip from Jepara to Karimunjawa around 2.5 to 3 hours.

3. Aircraft

In addition, for those who have enough money, there is a small plane at the airport Ahmad Yani Airport can be rented headed god Daru Island Kemujan (One of the islands in Karimunjawa). By plane, you can see the beauty Publications from above before landing at the airfield in Karimun. Travel by plane take about 30 minutes.

Here’s a favorite island that is frequented by tourists and local travelers

1. Menjangan Besar

Menjangan Island is captive sharks. You can test the courage to go to their breeding pond and swim with the fishes this shark. No need to fear, because sharks here are quite docile and friendly with human.


2. Small Menjangan Island

Small Menjangan island worth a visit as the waters around the island. There are many small fish pretty colorful. The island has a beach and Beautiful sea floor with clear water. The island is perfect for those who want to try snorkeling.

3. Small Fir Island and Pine Island Besar

On both islands there are many pine trees that might be the basis of name these two islands. Another unique thing is the mainland beach with white sand which juts into the sea.

4. Pulau Tanjung Gelam

The Tanjung Gelam Island is a beautiful island with white sand and sea water bluish green.