May 19

The Beauty Of Whitehaven Beach

WhitehavenAustralia gave a highly diverse nature with its beauty. As well as Whitehaven Beach is located in Whitsunday Island, beautiful island with a diversity of sand and white beaches. The beauty will make you at home, with views of the Blue Sea and there are many coral reefs, giving the beach is beautiful and enchanting. That gives the charm is in the presence of bright white sand, which gives a tremendous beauty.

The beach Whitehaven beach is the most beautiful and famous in the continent of Australia. Beach with White Sands located in North Queensland’s Whitsunday island. Whitehaven beach is located on Whitsunday Island, the largest island in the Whitsunday group in Queensland, Australia. The length of the beach is approximately 6 km and consists of very fine white sand pure silica is 98%. The sand is so pure that is used in the construction of the lens of the Hubble telescope.

The beach is also a variation with the beauty and flora and fauna. Diving is the most enjoyable thing beautiful in the beach, its beautiful reefs and marine animals, which give the beauty of earni – is remarkable. That becomes the beauty is at the time of the tides which will be created by the combination of a beautiful color, forming a lagoon along the sand. Turquoise water and white sand contrasting views would have been spectacular.

At the north end of Whitehaven Beach, there is a beautiful Bay, where the tide shifting sand and water to create a wonderful mix of colors. This magnificent white sand fraction is the result of the Great Barrier Reef which was hit by the waves over millions of years. Whitehaven beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and even Australia is also often visited by tourists from different countries.

Many have assumed if this sand carried from other areas through ocean currents. It is because in the area the rocks do not contain the silica. The more unique the beach here is not like the beach in General, because it does not absorb heat. Then visitors can enjoy walking on the beach during the day barefoot, legs without fear of overheating. This beach has also been awarded as the cleanest city in Australia. Visitors are not permitted to smoke and should not bring the dog over here.