May 26

The Most Beautiful Places In Brazil That Should Be Visited

Brazil is a huge country and attracts many visitors offer an opportunity to explore the natural beauty and diverse culture.

In the North of Brazil there is the Amazon rainforest and the more open toward the South with hills and small mountains. The southern region is a center of population and agricultural Brazil.

Some of the mountains located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean which reached 2,900 meters with the highest peak Pico da Neblina 2,994 meters tall. Rivers in Brazil, among others, the Amazon River and Iguaçu, Paraná, where the Iguaçu Waterfalls.

For those of you who like tranquility and want to escape the crowds, try to visit the eight natural wonders of Brazil:

Cachoeira da Fumaca

Cachoeira da Fumaca

This place is a waterfall that is truly wonderful and one of the best natural wonders of Brazil with a height reaching 340 meters. The rainy season is the best time to see the water splashes into ponds.

There are two different ways to enjoy this amazing natural wonder:

The first is that you can enjoy from the top of the waterfall by crossroads 6 kilometers. To get through, you have to go through the natural steep stairs, but don’t worry about the views of the fauna and flora of colorful along the way will be impressive.

The second way after making the trip from the bottom, you can swim in the pool below the waterfall and look into one of the most amazing waterfalls in Brazil.

The Waterfalls Of Iguaçu

Iguaçu Waterfalls

One of the largest waterfalls and spectacular because it is on the border of the country Argentina and Bradil. Iguaçu Falls consists of 275 individual drops are amazing with unique and rare species.

A huge waterfall is very impressive because it has a length of 2,700 meters. This place offers the best views and have access to the Gorge’s towering about 82 meters with letter U-shaped.

Pantanal Wetlands

Pantanal Wetlands

A place with wetlands and diverse ecosystems in the world. This place is a miracle of nature that should be explored on each trip to Brazil.
Towards this place visitors must traverse a distance of more than 200,000 kilo meters with special vehicles, such as boats or by horse. This place is home to more than 700 species of birds, 100 types of mammals, 260 species of fish and 80 types of reptiles.

We recommend that you take a trip to this area between July and October when the water begins to evaporate, the Lake has been transformed into a pond with a generous amount of fish. This area is often called the “South American Wild West”. Other animals are scarce here like the Giant Pangolin, puma, giant river otters and other species that are side by side with humans in this unique ecosystem.

Lençois Maranhenses

Lençois Maranhenses

This fascinating National Park lot brings visitors from all over the world to come here. The advantages of this place because it has the world’s landscape can be enjoyed as far as the eye can see.

July is the best time to visit this place is filled with gleaming lagoons such as crystals and crystal clear water. While here you can relax, swim and walk barefoot among one of the most incredible views in this place.

Encantado poco and Poco Azul

Poco Encantado dan Poco Azul

Poco Enchanted Encantado or well, a sunken pond is located in a cave with clear water with perfect visibility. From April to September is usually the Sun is at the perfect angle to shine through the window and hit the water in which this gives a stunning blue effect.

That is not less wonderful visitors can see ancient stones and tree trunks falling. This ecosystem is the experience of visiting a favorite among visitors to the region of the Chapada Diamantina National Park.

Poco Azul

Poco Azul is very similar to the Enchanted Well with one difference. Poco Azul offers visitors an opportunity to swim in the blue waters between ancient sunken trees near in pond.

A Chapada Diamantina national park dotted with mountains, gorges, ravines, valleys and semi-desert. This area boasts two of the most spectacular caves in Brazil and a natural wonder that must be visited.

Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha

If you don’t live in South America, you probably have never heard of Fernando de Noronha. In fact, if you stay here is your chance to visit the island.

If you happen to be one of the lucky few visitors here get ready to explore the world’s ecosystems. Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago consisting of 21 Islands and islets in the Atlantic Ocean located 354 kilometers off the coast of Brazil and has a maximum capacity of 460 visitors in a particular period of time.

This place has two waters, i.e., Praia do Leao and Baia do Sancho, that offers the sensation of swimming and snorkeling as well. Is a paradise for divers in clear waters inhabited by more than 200 species.

Encontro das Aguas

Encontro das Aguas

This place offers a dark black water which runs on 2 kilometers per hour with a temperature of 28 degrees centigrade. You have to travel along four miles downstream to see where the two rivers it is truly meet to form the Amazon River.

There is a facility that is a cruise ship for exploring this place which will take you to meet and provide spectacular views as well as a fun day on the river.



The Amazon River is truly a natural wonder with so many choices, the starting point of a long journey, and the method of travel for everyone. An abundance of activities in the Amazon is mandatory are explored.

It offers exciting experiences such as climbing trees, fish Piranhas and experience with rubber tappers local communities. Visitors can stay at the lodges near the forest offers the opportunity to sleep in the Woods and exploring the wild here.

In addition, you can take a trip where boat tours of the river fro around the Inn and we enjoy it from a different point of view. It makes a visit to the Amazon into an unforgettable experience.